Course Guides

Which course to study? Our comprehensive guide will answer your burning questions.

International Pre-U Programmes

Renowned international programmes recognised all over the world

Other Post-Secondary Programmes

Other popular programmes to pursue after SPM or IGCSE


Pursue accountancy at a professional level

Accounting & Business

Explore key skills in running and managing a business

Architecture & Built Environment

Design buildings and spaces in people’s everyday life

Aviation & Automotive Technology

Ensure performance and safety of vehicles on the road and in the air

Bioscience & Forensic Science

Use knowledge in living organisms to develop new products and improve life

Communication & Media

Reach out to audiences through strategic communication and media

Computer Science & IT

Create new advances in the world of computing

Culinary Arts & Hospitality

The industry that enables you to eat well, sleep well and travel well

Design & Media Production

Drive brand growth and deliver key messages with innovative media work

Education & Teaching

Learn the proper skills to guide the next generation of leaders

English Studies

The study of language, linguistics and literature

Environmental Science

Explore the interactions between the natural environment & living organisms

Food Science

Apply science and engineering to create new food products

Health Science & Health Therapy

Improve quality of life by providing important healthcare support

International Relations

The study of relations between nations and other international bodies


Uphold rights and justice for a free and peaceful society

Mathematics & Actuarial Science

Use numbers to predict future trends and improve society

Medicine, Dentistry & Pharmacy

Improve society's quality of life with these key healthcare sectors

Occupational and Environmental Health

Keep the workplace conducive, safe and healthy


Gain deep insights into the human mind and behaviour

Veterinary Science

Cure sick animals and prevent infectious animal diseases

English Proficiency Tests

Prove your proficiency in English for entry into your dream institution