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FAQs about Studying a Mass Communication Degree in Malaysia

Mass Communication is about delivering messages to a large amount of people.

The study of mass communication is mainly related to creating content that persuades or influences the behaviour and attitude of the recipients. This is important to businesses in order to create strong brand images to improve their performance and profitability.

A Degree in Mass Communication will allow you to explore the different fields of mass communication such as advertising, broadcasting, journalism, public relations and also marketing.

To pursue a Degree in Mass Communication, the typical entry requirements are:

That said, the entry requirements may vary depending on the university, so be sure to do your research!

To pursue a Degree in Mass Communication, you need to have an SPM qualification or equivalent and a Pre-U qualification. Alternatively, you can also enter a Degree via a Diploma in Mass Communication. You must also meet the minimum entry requirements of the university.

A Degree in Mass Communication is usually 3 years long.

Upon completing a Degree in Mass Communication, you will have several options:

  • Enter the workforce immediately; or
  • Pursue postgraduate studies in the relevant fields

Once you complete a Degree in Mass Communication, you can consider the following job options:

  • Journalist
  • Social Media Specialist
  • Copywriter
  • Videographer
  • Editor

Different students may have different preferences when it comes to choosing the right university. Here are some questions to consider when making a decision.

  • Is the institution’s Mass Communication course accredited by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA)?
  • Do you understand the fees of the course, and are the costs affordable to you?
  • Are you comfortable with the location of the university?
  • Have you visited the campus, and do you like the campus environment and facilities?
  • What support services does the institution have to help you in and beyond university?

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