The Complete Guide to Studying Film & Video Production in Malaysia

Discover film & video production courses in Malaysia and learn more about the programme including its requirements and career prospects in this guide.


Ever wanted to tell the greatest story imaginable on the big screen? Always imagined yourself to be the next Christopher Nolan, the man behind mind-bending movies Inception and Interstellar?

Film directors are equipped with the knowledge on how to bring a story to life through skilful scriptwriting and storyboards. They get viewers like you and me to immerse ourselves in their movies, captivated by the jaw-dropping action and escapism that it offers.

Whether it's your dream to be a blockbuster movie director, a cinematographer or a casual YouTube filmmaker, a Film & Video Production course is a great way to start.

This comprehensive guide will take you through everything you need to know about studying a Film & Video Production course in Malaysia, from what it's all about all the way to the career prospects and top colleges to study this course.

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#1. The Basics of Film & Video Production

a) What It Is

Film & Video Production is the process of creating videos by capturing moving images. It's about producing a compelling, visual story to capture the audience.

Video production and filmmaking usually involves screenwriting, directing, producing and post-production editing.

Whenever you watch a great movie like The Hobbit or The Avengers, everything from the first scene till the last has been carefully planned, crafted and directed by people with film production skills!

A Film & Video Production course doesn't limit you to making movies. Very often, graduates go on to work in advertising, producing video commercials for clients. Other types of video production include event videos, wedding videos, corporate videos & TV programmes!

b) What Are the Various Fields of Film & Video Production?

Film & Video Production - Various FieldsThese are some of main fields that are covered in a Film & Video Production course:

Field What It Is All About
Screenwriting A good script is key for a great movie. Every aural, visual and behavioural element required to tell a good story needs to be outlined in a script.
Directing Directors typically control a film's artistic and dramatic aspect while visualising the script. Directors also guide the technical crew & actors to fulfil that vision.
Camera & Lighting From bird's eye view to close-up shots, you will be exposed various cinematic techniques that are used to influence the structure and meaning of the film.
Audio Production As important as it is to have great visuals, sound is just as crucial. You will need to know how to record & produce quality audio for your audience.
Post-Production Editing Many people think a movie requires just an actor and a camera, but much of the work is actually done during editing. Scenes need to be cut and pieced together & effects need to added. This is where the film is actually \u201cmade\u201d.

#2. Studying a Film & Video Production Course

a) What Qualifications Do You Need?

In order to pursue a Degree in Film & Video Production, you will generally need:

(1) SPM / O-Level Qualification

  • Minimum of 5 credits


(2) Pre-University Qualification

Entry requirements may vary depending on university, so do check with the respective institutions before making a decision.

Alternatively, you could also choose to do a Diploma in Film & Video Production after SPM.

Since Film & Video Production emphasises on practical skills, it may make sense to do a Diploma as opposed to a Pre-University course after SPM. After completing a Diploma, you can still choose to pursue a Degree in Film & Video Production.

In general, entry requirements for a Diploma is typically 3 credits at SPM level.

b) How Long Is a Film & Video Production Course?

Film & Video Production - Education Pathway

A Degree in Film & Video Production is typically 3 years long.

However if you decide to do a Diploma instead, it is usually 2 to 2.5 years long. Upon successful completion of your Diploma, you can choose to either start working, or enter directly into Year 2 of a Degree in Film & Video Production.


While studying a course like Film & Video Production, you will likely work on many projects and assignments. Make sure you keep a portfolio of your work, as this will be beneficial when applying for jobs once you graduate!

c) What Will You Study in a Film & Video Production Course?

A Film & Video Production course will help you understand the principles of film and video production, from ideation and storyboarding all the way to producing and editing your own work.

Some of the modules you may learn include:

  • Photography Practice
  • Pre-production Techniques
  • Scriptwriting
  • Camera Techniques
  • Lighting
  • Sound Production
  • Acting & Directing
  • Video & Sound Editing
  • Film Studies
  • Video Production, including Commercials, Corporate Videos & Documentaries

Most Film & Video Production courses will require you to showcase a project during your final semester. Some courses may also have a semester of practical training or internship, which will be beneficial for you to gain experience and industry knowledge.

At the end of your course, you will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to contribute to Malaysia's cinematic arts industry!

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#3. Why Should You Study Film & Video Production?

Film & Video Production - Why Film & VideoThe Film & Video industry can be demanding and challenging, but if you are passionate about storytelling through film, it can be extremely rewarding!

Here are some top reasons why you should study Film & Video Production.

(a) It's not enough to be just watching movies — you want to create too!

One of the biggest reasons why people pursue filmmaking and video production is because of their passion and love for telling stories. It's no longer enough to just eat popcorn and watch the action unfold in front of you — you start thinking how you would have done it, drawing from your own life experiences. If this sounds familiar to you, a Film & Video Production course might just be the right path for you!

(b) Allows you to work in various creative industries

A Film & Video Production course doesn't limit you to just making films for the big screen. You can always venture into advertising to create commercials for companies, videography for events and weddings, or work in media production companies such as Astro & Media Prima. Video is a powerful medium of communication with the advent of technology, and you may find yourself creating educational videos, documentaries and training videos for various industries!

(c) A creative and rewarding career

Whether your role is screenwriting, post-production editing, directing or cinematography, being part of a team that produces a film or video and seeing the result come together can be extremely rewarding. When clients or audiences walk away excited and buzzing with the footage that you are a part of, it is a feeling that's unlike any other!


Many people may discourage you and tell you that filmmaking should be a hobby, not a career. To a certain extent, their advice does carry some weight, since Malaysia’s film industry isn’t anywhere close to where Hollywood is. However, if you are passionate about filmmaking, don’t let that stop you. Be resilient and work hard to achieve your dreams, even if it means doing it part-time while working a full-time job at the same time to pay the bills!

#4. What Skills Do You Need to Study Film & Video Production?

Film & Video Production - Key SkillsHere are some of the key qualities and skills that you will need to develop in order to do well in a Film & Video Production course.

(a) Ability to work under pressure and stress

This course will likely require you to do lots of hands-on work — expect many projects and assignments with lots of late nights. This also extends to life in the working world. Whether it's making a movie or working on a commercial, production schedules are always tight and punishing, and you will always be required to work with a tiny budget. You must be able to put up with all the stress and demands, all while doing your best to produce great work!

(b) A keen eye for detail

Film and video production requires you to take note of every tiny detail — from camera angles and lighting, to the actor's expression and the background set. Every minute detail is crucial to the film or video, as it can influence the outcome and the audience's reaction. As part of the film and video production crew, it is important that no small or big detail is ever missed!

(c) Ability to work well with others

The average number of crew credits in a Hollywood film is 588. That's a huge cry from most Malaysian productions due to limited resources and budget. Nonetheless, it does show that a film can never be completed by just one person. Whether you're working on a short film for your final year project or making the next blockbuster action movie, you will need to be able to work with lots of people from various teams, including artistic, technical & production crew!

Don’t worry if you haven't mastered all these skills yet. A course in Film & Video Production will help you hone and develop these skills! Just make sure you're mentally prepared for the demands and challenges of this course.

#5. Career Options of a Film & Video Production Graduate

After completing a Film & Video Production course, here are some of your career options:

  • Art Director
  • Assistant Producer
  • Director
  • Director of Photography / Cinematographer
  • Camera Operator
  • Feature Film & Television Writer
  • Lighting Designer
  • Post-Production Editor
  • Producer
  • Script Writer

#6. Where Can You Study Film & Video Production in Malaysia

Here are some of the most popular institutions for Film & Video Production in Malaysia.

Where else can you study Film & Video Production in Malaysia? Check out our comprehensive comparison table for Film & Video Production programmes!