The Complete Guide to Studying Multimedia Design in Malaysia

What is in a multimedia design course? Learn what the programme entails, its entry requirements and more in this guide.


Are you a creative soul who enjoys bringing your ideas to life through visual images, digital animation, audio or video? Do interactive flash advertisements fascinate you?

If you answered “Yes!” to the above, you may be interested in studying multimedia design. Find out all you need to know about a multimedia design course in Malaysia in this comprehensive guide below.

Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU)

BSc (Hons) in Multimedia Technology

#1. The Basics of Multimedia Design

a) What is Multimedia Design

CG- Multimedia Design- What Is Multimedia Design V2Multimedia design is the use of different forms of design (e.g. animation, graphics, video, visual effects) to create engaging content for various forms of media (e.g. newspapers, magazines, websites, mobile apps, television).

In today’s technologically advanced era, just about everything we consume has an element of multimedia design — the look of mobile apps, the realistic details in video games and the compelling ads we see on magazines and websites.

By studying a Degree in Multimedia Design, you will equip yourself with a solid understanding of effective modern design through your exposure to various design areas such as animation, motion graphics, video and typography. You will also learn to use design software and technologies effectively to create engaging multimedia products.

#2. Studying Multimedia Design

a) Entry Requirements & Qualifications

To take a course in multimedia design, you are required to meet the entry requirements set by colleges or universities. A design portfolio is often a crucial requirement, so make an effort to start building one early on. Your portfolio can consist of sketches, paintings, photographs, videos or any form of media to showcase your creativity and design skills.

(i) Diploma in Multimedia Design

If you are planning to pursue a Diploma in Multimedia Design, these are the general entry requirements that you are required to meet:

  • SPM / O-Level: Minimum of 3 credits

Some institutions may require you to pass an Art subject at SPM level. If you do not have this, you may be required to pass a portfolio review or a drawing test.

A Diploma in Multimedia Design typically takes about 2.5 years to 3 years to complete.

Upon completion, you can choose to join the working world or further your studies to a Degree in Multimedia Design (entering from the second year onwards).

(ii) Degree in Multimedia Design

To pursue a Degree in Multimedia Design, you need to complete your SPM or equivalent qualification and a pre-university programme.

The requirements needed to pursue a Multimedia Design Degree are:

Some universities may require you to pass an internal portfolio test and an interview, especially if you do not have a formal qualification in art or design.

Important Note: Entry requirements for some universities may be higher, so it’s important that you scrutinise the details carefully.

A Degree in Multimedia Design is usually 3 years long.

At the end of your degree, you will be equipped with in-depth knowledge on how to express your creativity using current and emerging technologies for various forms of media. You will also develop technical and problem-solving skills that can be used to excel in the creative industry.

Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU)

BSc (Hons) in Multimedia Technology

b) How Does Your Education Pathway Look Like?

CG- Multimedia Design- Education Pathway Upon the completion of your SPM or equivalent qualification, you can opt to enrol into a pre-university (STPM, A-Level, etc.) or Foundation in Arts programme. Alternatively, you can also choose to pursue a Diploma in Multimedia Design.

Completing a pre-university or a foundation programme will enable you to proceed to a Multimedia Design Degree.

c) What Will You Study in Multimedia Design?

A Multimedia Design Degree will expose you to the basics of art and design as well as help you master various design areas such as 3D animation, video editing, web design and graphic design.

Some examples of subjects taught in a Multimedia Design Degree are:

  • Design Principles
  • Drawing
  • Web Design
  • Digital Photography
  • Animation
  • Graphic Design
  • Typography
  • Multimedia Technologies

#3. Why Should You Study Multimedia Design?

CG- Multimedia Design- Why Multimedia DesignIf you enjoy creating beautiful, eye-catching visuals using any form of medium, be it on Photoshop or using a video editor, then multimedia design could be your forte.

Here are a few reasons why you should take up a multimedia design course.

(a) You have a flair for creativity and design

If you’re one who is constantly drawing, doodling or sketching whenever you get your hands on a blank surface, why not turn your hobby into a fulfilling career? Studying multimedia design will help you improve on your drawing and creativity while enabling you to turn your passion into a satisfying job.

(b) You have a good grasp of design software

Are you no stranger to Photoshop or Final Cut Pro? If you enjoy spending hours enhancing photos and video clips on editing programmes and can come up with a masterpiece in a short amount of time, then a course in multimedia design will bring you to the next level.

(c) You enjoy keeping up with new trends

With the rise of technology such as virtual and augmented reality as well as interactive mobile apps, multimedia design can be a great way for you to keep up with the latest trends while experimenting with new design ideas to capture the attention of an easily distracted audience.

Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU)

APU Foundation Programme (Design)

Direct pathway to dual-award design degrees at APU such as industrial design, visual effects and animation

#4. What Skills Do You Need for a Multimedia Design Course?

CG- Multimedia Design- Key SkillsHere are some of the key skills and qualities you need to do well in a multimedia design programme.

(a) Creative and technical skills

As part of your multimedia design course, you will find yourself pushing the limits of your creativity to create interesting and captivating multimedia products, whether it’s a short animated film or an interactive webpage. At the same time, you’ll also hone your technical skills in various design software programmes, which will be essential to your career later.

(b) Team working skills

Design is not a one-man job — it requires a team of people to produce a single project, so you will have to work with other people (be it copywriters, clients or other designers) to meet the requirements of your task. This means you must keep an open mind and be able to receive feedback from others even if you think your work is good enough.

(c) Critical thinking skills

Creativity is subjective, so this means that there is no one correct way of doing things — you will have to think out of the box to resolve roadblocks and issues you may face when working on projects. For example, if your client or lecturer wants you to create a 30-second animation telling a story, you will need to find a way to keep it short but engaging.

(d) Ability to handle tight deadlines

Whether you’re designing a video game for your final year project or working on the visuals for a client’s advertising campaign, you will need to get used to working under pressure and meeting tight deadlines. This means planning ahead, allowing time to incorporate design changes after getting feedback and explaining your design concept to others who may not be as familiar as you are with multimedia products.

Don’t worry if you have yet to master any of these skills. Taking a multimedia design course will certainly equip you with the required skills to prepare you to face the challenges and demands of the programme.

#5. What Career Options Do You Have With a Multimedia Design Degree?

Multimedia design graduates can seek employment opportunities from a wide range of creative industries such as advertising, publishing and broadcasting.

Here are some multimedia design-related careers that you can seek upon graduating:

  • 3D illustrator
  • Animator
  • Game artist / designer
  • Graphic designer
  • Multimedia designer
  • Video editor
  • Web designer

#6. Where Can You Study Multimedia Design in Malaysia?

If multimedia design is right for you, check out some of the best universities where you can study the course.

Looking for more institutions? Compare multimedia design courses at various colleges and institutions here.