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Are you an SPM / IGCSE student looking for scholarships for A Level, Australian Matriculation or Foundation programmes? 

Look no further! EduAdvisor's Scholarship Genie will simplify your scholarship search process. With just a few clicks, you can discover a comprehensive list of scholarships from private colleges and universities — tailored to your SPM / IGCSE results.

How It Works

Step #1: Upload your SPM / IGCSE results

Use our intuitive interface to upload your SPM / IGCSE results. Our advanced recognition technology ensures accurate and quick processing.

Step #2: Instant matching algorithm

Select your preferred course and our intelligent algorithm will work its magic. It instantly analyses your grades and matches you with scholarships from 70+ institutions in Malaysia.

Step #3: Get a personalised scholarship list

Within minutes, you'll receive a personalised list of scholarships you qualify for based on your academic results. Other scholarships may also be recommended to you.

Step #4: Explore scholarships and apply

Browse through the list of scholarships and explore the details of each option. When you find the perfect fit, just click "Get Offer" and follow the application instructions.

Instant Results, Endless Possibilities

Say goodbye to waiting for weeks to hear back about your scholarship eligibility. With Scholarship Genie, you'll receive a personalised list of scholarships you qualify for within minutes. It's fast, efficient and tailored to your academic achievements.

Partner Institutions

Get matched with scholarships from 70+ partner colleges and universities.

Your Future Starts Here

Scholarship Genie is completely free to use. Simply upload your SPM or IGCSE results, provide us with your basic details and unlock a world of scholarship opportunities (view sample SPM results, view sample IGCSE results).

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  • The EduAdvisor Scholarship Genie tool currently works for SPM and IGCSE actual results only. We are working hard to include other qualifications soon.
  • Only international pre-u and foundation programmes are supported currently. Other courses (e.g. degree programmes) will be included soon.