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There are 9 colleges and universities offering 12 Diploma in Fashion Design Courses.

FAQs about Studying a Diploma in Fashion Design in Malaysia

Fashion Design is the art of applying design and aesthetics to clothing and accessories. Fashion designers create designs for all forms of apparel and clothing from sleepwear to business suits, as well as accessories and footwear.

As a field of study, you’ll learn topics such as fashion illustration, textile studies, history of fashion and fashion trends and forecasts, in addition to creating beautiful garments.

A Diploma in Fashion Design requires at least 3 credits (C and above) at SPM, O-Level or equivalent, including a pass in SPM Bahasa Melayu and History.

To pursue a Diploma in Fashion Design, you need to have an SPM qualification or equivalent. You must also meet the minimum entry requirements of the college or university.

A Diploma in Fashion Design is typically 2 years long.

Upon completing a Diploma in Fashion Design, you will have several options:

  • Enter the workforce immediately; or
  • Pursue a Degree in Fashion Design, entering in Year 2

Once you complete a Diploma in Fashion Design, you can consider the following job options:

  • Fashion Designer
  • Production Tailor
  • Fashion Entrepreneur
  • Pattern Cutter
  • Pattern Grader

Different students may have different preferences when it comes to choosing the right college or university. Here are some questions to consider when making a decision.

  • Is the institution’s Diploma in Fashion Design accredited by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA)?
  • Does the institution provide enough industry training to make you more employable once you graduate?
  • Do you understand the fees of the course, and are the costs affordable to you?
  • Are you comfortable with the location of the university?
  • Have you visited the campus, and do you like the campus environment and facilities?
  • What support services does the institution have to help you in and beyond university?

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