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17 Oct 2018

7 Struggles You Can Relate to When Attending Education Fairs

Have you ever been to an education fair?

Regardless if you’ve been dragged by your parents to visit a mini-exhibition hosted at your school or one held in a gigantic convention centre across the state, you’ll surely be able to relate to these common and sticky (literally!) problems when attending an education fair.

#1. “There’s no place to park!”

Education Fairs Struggles-No Parking

Parking is a common issue that many of us Malaysians face especially during events that spark the interest of many, such as an education fair. More often than not, when it comes to attending these expositions, you’ll have to get into alert mode (after getting yelled at by mum) and look out for any tiny spaces you can fit your car into.

And if luck is not on your side, you’ll have to settle with parking the car several miles away from the fair and walk under the scorching heat. The worse thing that could happen at this point is if it pours heavily!

#2. The halls are packed like sardines

Education Fairs Struggles-Packed Like Sardines

Chances are that when you attend an education fair, it’s going to be crowded.

This is because fair organisers often select the most relevant dates to have a fair — that is, right before enrolment intakes and after major exams. So expect to be sandwiched among thousands of students in the same loop and situation as you!

While it can be exciting if you bump into some of your long-lost friends, you will also tire a lot quicker as you have to push your way through the endless crowd while getting squished in between people. You’ll also have to be aware of your belongings to avoid being pickpocketed.

On top of that, if the hall isn’t well installed with air conditioning, everyone’s going to be sweaty and stinky! Eww.

#3. Getting lost

Education Fairs Struggles-Getting Lost

Not everyone is great with directions. If you put certain people in a maze, they could be stuck for hours before realising the exit is right behind them. So getting lost at the fair can be a real problem.

Education fairs can have a complicated layout, so you may feel overwhelmed trying to decide which way to go first. Add this complexity to the large mass of people and you may find it difficult navigating to booths that you’re interested in or be stuck in a never-ending loop. Not fun at all.

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#4. The hassle of bringing documents

Education Fairs Struggles-Hassels Of Bringing Documents

Who likes carrying things when they go shopping? No one!

When you attend an education fair, you’re likely to be carrying a folder with numerous important documents, such as your certificates and academic results slips (just in case you decide to enrol for a course).

While walking around with them isn’t too bad, it can be inconvenient to frequently bring them out, all while carrying other things such as your backpack and the bags of brochures that you will accumulate throughout the day. And with all the hustle and bustle of the fair, there’s a chance that you could accidentally leave them behind!

#5. Getting attacked by flyer handouts

Education Fairs Struggles-Too Many Flyer Handouts

Speaking of “bag full of brochures”, be prepared for all the flyers and printouts you’ll receive during the event. There will be many.

Often, you would go home with more than one bag — especially when you’re faced with pushy promoters who shove flyers and bags at you as you pass by their booths, even if you ’re not interested in their courses.

While it may be fun to receive lots of stuff, they often end up in the trash. And that’s a load of waste. Yikes!

EduAdvisor Virtual Education Fair

#6. The WAIT

Education Fairs Struggles-The Wait

Now, this is the most dreaded part.

You’ve narrowed down the university and courses you’re interested in but still have some questions to ask the university representatives. Right as you were about to ask a question, an aunty suddenly comes out of nowhere, barges in and snatches the counsellor away! Great, you’ll have to wait again.

At this point, it’s a waiting game because there are hundreds of people wanting to do the same thing. The risk of having your place in line cut by aunties and uncles who are overly excited for their child to begin college is definitely high. Your resolution? Either stand idle and wait or bring a book to read while waiting for your turn.

#7. Forgetting what the counsellors have told you

Education Fairs Struggles-Forgetting Those Informations

So you’ve been at the fair for more than 2 hours. You’ve been listening to various counsellors from different colleges and universities and all of them have given their pitch on why their institution is the right choice. You’ve clearly gathered enough information and so you head home to digest what you’ve been told.

But once you’re home, you can’t seem to recall the information you need to know… was it university A or university B that offered X course with a scholarship? And which college representative was it who said they could give you an early bird discount?

When this confusion happens, you may end up wishing that you had jotted down some important details after asking your questions!

All in all, attending education fairs can be an overwhelming experience especially if you don’t like crowds. After an entire day of chaos, you’ll likely end up physically, mentally and emotionally drained.

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