Light Side vs Dark Side: Which One is Your Calling?

The force works in mysterious ways. Find out if you're meant for the light side or the dark side with this quiz. Take it now.

Updated 04 May 2020

Light Side vs Dark Side: Which One is Your Calling? - Feature-Image

The force is strong with you. It surrounds you, like it surrounds any other being, and you can feel it calling to you, nudging you into one direction. But which direction is that?

Do you join the light side and bring balance to the force like the Skywalkers? Or do you join the dark side and bring order to the galaxy like Darth Vader and Kylo Ren? Or do you renounce both sides, preferring to walk the middle path?

If you're undecided, take this quiz and let it guide you to your true calling!

Star Wars Quiz-Article Quiz

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