10 Lies College Students Tell Their Parents

As college students, we’re all guilty of lying to our parents at some point or another. Here are 10 common lies you’ve probably told your parents.

Updated 07 Jun 2019

10 Lies College Students Tell Their Parents - Feature-Image

No matter how much you deny it, you’re probably guilty of lying to your parents at some point of your existence… more so in college or university so that you have some “personal space” or to avoid being micromanaged.

So, if you’re a college student, here are a few white lies that probably sound all too familiar to you.

#1. “Yes, I go to all my lectures.”

10-Lies-College-Students-Tell-Their-Parents -1- Yes I go to all my lectures - Feature

If your attendance doesn’t affect your grade, there’s no incentive to attend the class (more so if it’s boring and early in the morning).

Technically speaking, 9am lectures don’t exist in a student’s radar. It’s 10am and later only.


Skipping class because you’ve pulled an all-nighter for an upcoming exam? There are many repercussions for doing this, such as failing to remember what you’ve studied. You’re better off studying in chunks and doing revisions frequently.

#2. “No, I don’t have time to date. I’m single!”

10-Lies-College-Students-Tell-Their-Parents - 2 - No I don’t have time to date I’m single - Feature

Ah yes, the “I’m single” line.

We’ve all said it. No one wants to sit down and explain to their parents that they’re casually seeing someone, or that you guys don’t have labels yet, or that it’s “complicated”.

So you use a universal term that covers all the different statuses there are: single, or an equally popular phrase, “That’s just a friend!”


Should you date in college? While it’s nice to have a companion by your side, there can be downsides too, such as deciding what will happen to your relationship post-graduation. Make sure to think things through before jumping into a relationship!

#3. “Yes mum, I’m eating my fruits and vegetables.”

10-Lies-College-Students-Tell-Their-Parents - 3 - Yes mum I’m eating my fruits and vegetables - Feature

Remember the food pyramid we learned in Standard 3? Yeah, you probably dwell on the upper two sections of the pyramid: junk food.

It’s not that you’re not aware of the importance of eating healthily, but under budget constraints and the midnight hunger pangs that strike as you work late into the night, it’s hard to say no to that plate of Maggi goreng with telur mata after working up an appetite with all that studying.


If you’re feeling stressed out by your assignments or an upcoming exam, you’re better off digging into some stress-busting foods, such as green leafy vegetables, avocado and oatmeal instead of junk food!

#4. “I’ll be home by 10pm max!”

10-Lies-College-Students-Tell-Their-Parents - 4 - I’ll be home by 10pm max - Feature

It’s normal for our parents to worry about our well-being, which is why they impose curfews to ensure that we get home safe and sound. However, curfews can cut into your fun time with your friends, which leads us to the 15-minute game.

“Just another 15 minutes, we’re on the way back!” you say, even though you’ve just ordered another teh ais and roti telur and you’re nowhere close to making a move for home yet.

The next thing you know, it’s midnight and your dad is waiting for you in the living room with a scowl on his face. Uh oh.

#5. “Of course I have breakfast every day!”

10-Lies-College-Students-Tell-Their-Parents - 5 - Of course I have breakfast everyday - Feature

This one’s for all the students living away from home.

Your parents may call you on a weekly (or daily) basis to check how you’re doing and if you’ve eaten breakfast since “it’s the most important meal of the day”.

However, making time for breakfast means cutting into your precious sleep time. Instead, you resort to glugging down some juice or downing a few sips of coffee before bolting out the door for class!

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#6. "I haven’t gotten my results yet.”

10-Lies-College-Students-Tell-Their-Parents - 6 - I haven’t gotten my results yet - Feature

Delaying the truth isn’t the same as lying, right?

Even though you’ll eventually have to come clean about your grades to your parents, you're still hopeful that they’ll forget about your results and maybe focus on your sibling instead.

#7. “Don’t worry, I’m spending wisely.

10-Lies-College-Students-Tell-Their-Parents - 7 - Don’t worry, I’m spending wisely - Feature

Sometimes, it seems like your allowance is never enough… until you look back at your expenses and realise where you may be unnecessarily spending your money on (i.e. the latest instalment of Grand Theft Auto (GTA), treating yourself to some retail therapy or catching too many movies within the month).

While these aren’t essential, you still comfort your parents that you’re spending wisely. In reality, you’re probably already broke and living off instant noodles until your next allowance comes in.


Need some extra cash? Here are some ways you can earn some extra moolah while being a student. Alternatively, save some money on your textbooks with these tips!

#8. “I’m going to sleep now, promise!”

10-Lies-College-Students-Tell-Their-Parents - 8 - I’m going to sleep now, promise - Feature

As much as you love your sleep, you often end up sleep deprived anyway after trawling the web and discovering an awesome YouTube channel when it’s time for bed.

Or, you may be guilty of binge-watching TV series such as Game of Thrones so you don’t die of suspense! It’s always, “Just one more episode!” and before you know it, it’s only a few hours away until your morning class.


Did you know that sleep is strongly related to your college performance and grades? Find out how you can get better sleep at night here.

#9. “It was a tough paper — everyone found it difficult!”

10-Lies-College-Students-Tell-Their-Parents - 9 - It was a tough paper — everyone found it difficult - Feature

We’ve all had to weasel our way out of difficult situations, such as getting a bad grade in an exam.

So, you justify your actions with comments such as, “Everyone else struggled with the exam too!” and share anecdotes of your friends who left sections blank or failed the test, hoping that it would make your C’s look better in comparison.

#10. “My phone battery died so I couldn’t text back!”

10-Lies-College-Students-Tell-Their-Parents - 10 - My phone battery died so I couldn’t text back - Feature

By now, you already know the lifespan of your phone’s battery and would have invested in a power bank (or borrowed a friend’s) to prevent your phone from dying in the first place.

While it’s no fun to get a text from your parents reminding you of your curfew, or asking you about your whereabouts, sometimes, playing the “dead phone” card is an easier option to extend your time out with friends.

Just be careful that your parents don’t outsmart you, like this dad in the United Kingdom who invented an app that stops kids from ignoring their parents’ text messages.

So, are you guilty of any of these excuses? We admit, sometimes it’s easier to lie to our parents about certain things than to tell the truth. But it’s worth remembering why they nag or ask us plenty of questions about our lives in the first place — because they care!

As cheesy as that sounds, we all know that underneath that strict exterior are parents who worry for our health and safety (and we should consider ourselves blessed that they do!). So, instead of dodging their questions or skirting around the truth, maybe it’s time to practise some honesty and start taking their advice about eating healthy as a start?

Missing your family while you’re away in college? Find out how you can deal with your homesickness here!

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