Which Course Should You Study Based on Your Temperament Type?

Are you sanguine, melancholic, phlegmatic or choleric? Find out how these temperament types can help you decide which course to study.

Updated 12 Aug 2020

Which Course Should You Study Based on Your Temperament Type? - Feature-Image

Did you know that the variety of personality types go way back? And we’re talking way back — like in the 400 B.C.

If you’ve heard of Hippocrates, the father of medicine, you should know that his rendition of personality types known as The Four Human Temperaments theory was based on “humours” or bodily fluid (sounds gross, right?). Oddly enough, these medical elements could determine your behaviour and temperaments.

In this article, we check out the four different types of temperaments and how they can help you choose the best course for you.

#1. Sanguine  

Temperament Type-Sanguine

This personality type is associated with the bodily fluid (humour) of blood and the organ of  heart. According to Hippocrates, someone with a sanguine personality trait is generally carefree, optimistic and lively. If you fall into this category, you are more likely to go out of your way to experience anything challenging!

While your buoyant and jovial personality can be invigorating, your boredom kicks in faster than anyone and you will constantly look for various ways to be entertained. Because of this, you will be jumping between interests until you find something that sticks.Consider yourself the extreme end of an extrovert.

Those with a sanguine personality type tend to have a flair for the arts and are known to be more creative. With your friendly and social demeanour, being a good host or an entertainer comes easy and your natural abilities in this area will definitely benefit you in the long run.

You may find yourself best fitted in the study course of Mass Communication, Marketing, Digital Animation, Culinary Arts, Design, Graphic Design and Hospitality and Tourism

#2. Choleric

Temperament Type-Choleric

Choleric is associated with the yellow bile and the gallbladder. Known as the strongest extroverted personality, people with this temperament are usually ambitious and goal-oriented. With their driven and passionate nature, you can count on a choleric person to get things done swiftly!

If you identify with the choleric temperament, you are considered as logical and pragmatic and solving problems will be slick as a whistle for you. However, while you are independent and strong-willed, your authoritarian nature can come off as bossy or domineering. But this is merely because you set an incredibly high standard for yourself. You thrive on productivity and will not quit until your expectations are met.

You are naturally gifted businessmen and your analytical and logical skills will be useful in courses such as Engineering, Business, Computer Science, Actuarial Science, Finance and Real Estate Management.

#3. Phlegmatic

Temperament Type-Phlegmatic

This personality is associated with the “humour” that’s just like how it’s called — phlegm. As yucky as it may sound, this personality trait is not that bad. Those with a phlegmatic personality are known to be a people-oriented person.

Due to its nature surrounding maturity, they seek interpersonal harmony and wholesome relationships. Being easy-going but also warmly attentive is what makes them likeable. If you identify as a phlegmatic person, you are diplomatic and understanding as your nature is more likely to avoid conflicts. And because you value friendships and bonding, you always try to mediate between others to restore balance.

Phlegmatic personalities are seen as neutral (or ambiverts). While your cool and rational thought process can keep you collected and stable, you might not be keen with the idea of change (why would you choose to fall into anything that could cause chaos?). However, your nature to strive for knowledge and contributing to a bigger picture is what motivates you to move forward.

Your empathetic and observant traits may best fit study courses such as Psychology, Nursing, Medicine, Early Childhood Education and Teaching.

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#4. Melancholic 

Temperament Type-Melancholic

Associated with the black bile, the melancholic temperament is surrounded by a very traditional and gentle energy. If you fall into this category, you are an introverted and thoughtful person. And due to your self-reliant personality, you tend to be extremely involved in what you do.

With this personality type, you are considered to be highly creative with a flair in art, literature, music, and because of your introspective nature, sometimes philosophical too! Because of this, coming up with creative solutions for tricky problems comes naturally for you. While your perfectionist tendencies can be the bane of your existence, it can help you to be highly organised, economical and detail-oriented.

In your social life, you prefer to have deep and meaningful conversations with people because you value extreme loyalty from your peers. You care deeply about others and what they’re feeling and you’re always lending a helping hand when necessary.

Your introspective nature will be useful for you in courses such as Accounting, Psychology (Social Work), Bioscience, Architecture and Medicine.

Not sure which temperament type are you? Go on and take the free test here. While personality tests can certainly be fun and insightful, do make sure to consider all aspects carefully, taking into account your passion, strengths and interests. Good luck!

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