Didn’t Get the Course You Wanted from UPU? Here's What You Can Do.

Didn't get the course you wanted from UPU? Before you make a decision about anything, have a look at all your options.

Updated 29 Jul 2022

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So you've applied to the Unit Pusat Universiti (UPU) to study at a public university. Results are out and you’re eager to take a peek. But, everything hasn’t gone according to plan and you're disappointed.

The reason why? You didn't get the course you wanted.

We know that missing out on your dream course can be frustrating. However, it’s important to stay calm and review your options before you do anything. Here are the choices you have.

#1. Say yes and accept the course offered to you

Not Getting Desire Course From UPU-Accept Offer

We hate to say this, but the decision made by UPU is final and you will not be able to request for a change of course. This means that if you reject the course offered to you, you can say goodbye to studying at a public university.

So, think very carefully before making a decision.

If you decide to go ahead and accept the assigned course, be positive about it. It may not be so bad. In fact, there’s a chance that you may even fall in love with the course after a few semesters, especially since you’ll eventually be able to select elective subjects that you’re interested in. Moreover, every course teaches you valuable skills and knowledge that you can use to apply to a range of jobs.

#2. Submit an appeal

Not Getting Desire Course From UPU-Submit Appeal

If you were unsuccessful in receiving any offers at all, you will be eligible to submit an appeal (rayuan) through the UPU website. Note that there is no appeal process if you want to switch courses.

How successful you are in your appeal depends on the number of spots available for a particular programme as well as your grades. If you were unsuccessful in your application the first time, you are advised to select a different programme or a different university.

For SPM leavers, you must submit your appeal within 5 days after the UPU results are announced. As for STPM (or equivalent) leavers, you will have 10 days.

#3. Reject the course given to you

Not Getting Desire Course From UPU-Reject offer

Okay, so you aren't pleased with the course given to you and you're absolutely certain you don't want to pursue it because you have no interest in the topic.

Reject the course and immediately start researching private universities that offer the course that you really wanted. It's a tough call, but it's your best option if you're determined to study a specific course that you’re passionate about.

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#4. Get in touch with us

Not Getting Desire Course From UPU-EduAdvisor Consultation

If you decide to go down the private university / college route, you might need a guiding hand to help you figure out which course or institution is the best option for you.

After all, what you do in your formative years builds you up to the person you will become in the future. To ensure you’re making the right decision, you can always talk to us at EduAdvisor! We offer free counselling and unbiased recommendations as our main concern is to help you study at the best institution for you. Just leave your details on this form and an education advisor will be in touch.

#5. Go on a gap year

Not Getting Desire Course From UPU-Gap year

If not getting the course you wanted took a hit on you, you may be feeling upset, demotivated and uncertain about your future.

But, instead of wallowing in your sadness by eating ice cream for days in your room, why not go on a gap year? This could mean anything from backpacking across the country to investing in yourself by learning new skills.

You could also spend this time working part-time (e.g. promoter, barista, retail assistant) or taking on internships to discover what it is you’d like to spend your life doing. This will help you develop soft skills that will be useful later on in your career.

Once you have a clearer picture of what you want to do in life, you can start looking for universities to complete your education or apply for UPU again next year.

There's always a light at the end of the tunnel, and we're confident no matter which path you decide to embark on, you'll get the best outcome if you work hard and stay positive. Good luck and all the best!

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