Battle Your Friends with These Awesome Gaming Apps

Boredom strikes again? Challenge your friends with these interactive games that will definitely turn your dull day around. Find out more here.

Updated 06 Apr 2020

Battle Your Friends with These Awesome Gaming Apps - Feature-Image

So you’ve been cooped up at home and have exhausted your social media apps by refreshing every 0.3 seconds. Let’s face it you’re bored out of your mind. With the enforcement of the Movement Control Order (MCO), you’re not exactly allowed to lounge at your friend’s crib to chill. So what can you do?

While you should practise social distancing, that does not mean you have to limit all the fun you could possibly have with your friends. We’ve scoured (and tested) these awesome gaming apps that offer multiplayer options you and your friends can battle to!

#1. QuizUp

Cool Gaming Apps with Friends-QuizUp

If you pride yourself as a know-it-all or simply just a trivia geek, put your knowledge to the test with this app that has 1,200 topics to choose from, ranging from general knowledge to pop culture. It comes with a quirky interface that lets you level up and hold grand titles as you master your favourite topics!

Complete with a multiplayer option, QuizUp allows you to duel with your friend or battle random players from every nook of the world. You can also play this solo to sharpen your knowledge and speed skills. This game will have you both on the edge of your seat to score the correct answers within 10 seconds. You’ll be surprised by the amount of knowledge you know or learn along the way!

#2. Plato

Cool Gaming Apps with Friends-Plato

Not to be mistaken with the Athenian philosopher, this interactive mobile app is actually a social media platform as well as a game site (talk about the best of both worlds). It has over 30+ multiplayer games including some of the oldest in the book such as Minesweeper, 4 in a Row, Texas Hold ‘Em and even Monopoly.

You can create group chats and plan your next soccer tournament or make new friends as this app has over a million players to engage with. This is a fun tool to bond with your friends but make sure to play this with an intention to have fun or it’ll mark the end of your friendships (no sore losers, please!)

#3. Animal Crossing: New Horizon

Cool Gaming Apps with Friends-Animal Crossing

Don’t be fooled by the animated anthropomorphic animals in shirts and adorable little islands. Sure, this game is for kids but you’ll be surprised by the number of adults who are obsessing over this — we’ll tell you why you need to be too. 

It’s literally a getaway! You can choose islands where you will reside, giving you a chance to unwind virtually. Through the ‘Party Play’ mode, this game allows up to 4 people per island where you can be the pack leader and interact or assign tasks to your friends all in the name of managing your paradise. 

Animal Crossing is a gentle social simulation video game so don’t expect too many challenges (besides foraging for woodfire). Get creative and host an in-game gathering with your friends to replace cancelled hangouts due to social distancing!

While Animal Crossing: New Horizon requires a Nintendo Switch, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is available for mobile gameplay.

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#4. PSYCH!

Cool Gaming Apps with Friends-PSYCH

If you love ‘Heads Up’ as famously played on The Ellen Show   you’re going to like this one. This game lives up to its name where you basically have to fool your friends into choosing the wrong answer to a real question.

There are various categories to choose from and for every real question you get, you or your friends will have to insert the most ridiculous answer to choose from. Essentially, you’ll get points for every correct answer and every time you psych (pronounced  ‘sike’) a friend. 

#5. SimCity

Cool Gaming Apps with Friends-SimCity

Be your own engineer and create ridiculous cityscapes with SimCity! With a variety of expansion packs, this game lets you explore endless choices. Essentially, you can focus on growing your population, increase wealth and even build a city that looks like your hometown! 

There are several versions of SimCity, such as the popular SimCity 2013 and SimCity BuildIt which is the mobile version. Unfortunately, only SimCity 5, set to be released this 2020, has a multiplayer option. After all, there can only be one city tycoon. Nonetheless, you will find yourself engrossed in urban planning which can help increase your attention to detail and who knows, you may discover your flair for design. Plus points if you are interested in civil engineering and architecture!

Fun Fact: Did you know that SimCity was actually the first archetype from The Sims series we play today? Yeap, it was released in 1989 by Electronic Arts and Maxis before they developed The Sims expansion.

#6. Draw Something

Cool Gaming Apps with Friends-Draw Something

Think Pictionary, but online! Gather your friends and have them guess given words based on your drawing. No degree in digital art needed just a bunch of stick figures and a dollop of creativity. Though, if you are a creative art major, this might be your area of expertise.

Draw Something allows two players to compete by taking turns guessing and drawing with options of a few words. With similar concepts as Hangman and Roda Impian (Wheel of Fortune), guessers are given blank spaces and a jumble of letters to make up the answers. Points are given for every correct guess but the game is forfeited if players choose to “pass”, hence breaking the winning streak for both parties. 

It may sound easy but this game will have you both go head-to-head to maintain that streak!

Thanks to game designers and developers and the freedom provided by the great internet, the world is practically your oyster! This fun and exciting list is no magic to cure your boredom but we hope it gives you something to look forward to. Skip the mindless videos, call up a friend and battle them to a duel. Have fun!

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