What Can ACCA Do for You? The Benefits of ACCA and Having a Professional Accounting Qualification

You often hear about ACCA and what it is but why does it matter? What can owning an ACCA qualification give you? We list all the benefits you can reap from being an ACCA member.

Updated 06 Jul 2023

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Did you know that some of the world’s most prominent leaders today, such as Tan Sri Tony Fernandes (CEO of AirAsia) and Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar (managing director of Khazanah Nasional Bhd), are ACCA graduates? 

ACCA is one of the most popular professional accounting qualifications in the world but why is that so? What makes it so special? And why are so many rushing to get registered as an ACCA member? 

Turns out, there’s a lot you can do with an ACCA accreditation. Here are some of them.

#1. Gain comprehensive knowledge in a wide range of skills 


If your aim is to become a highly-prized accountant, then you can’t go wrong with ACCA. The qualification is all about equipping you with crucial knowledge and the hottest skills. The syllabus is designed to provide you with practical and industry-relevant technical skills in key areas of corporate accounting such as audit and tax, making you a desirable accountant.

Don’t want to limit yourself to just accounting? The ACCA education goes beyond that. 

Through its modules, you will also pick up knowledge in finance and business law, as well as polish your strategy and leadership skills. Mastering these will give you the opportunity to explore a variety of roles and careers across a wide range of industries.

The ACCA education is the perfect choice to make you a competent and rounded graduate. While it’s especially useful for securing a spot in the accounting and finance industry, there are plenty of transferable skills you can gain from the programme too.

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#2. Stand out from the crowd and get job offers from the best employers


The job market today is more competitive than ever. But with an ACCA qualification, you’ll have a clear advantage over your peers. 

The ACCA Careers Job Board has nearly 150,000 job advertisements from not only prestigious accounting firms such as EY, Deloitte and PwC but also top multinational companies such as Amazon, Nestlé, P&G and Accenture. This shows how valued an ACCA qualification is to employers around the world. As a member of ACCA, you can get first access to these jobs. 

ACCA also has connections to more than 7,400 Approved Employers and 80 accountancy partnerships worldwide, ensuring your prospects as an ACCA member. You can use this connection to find work opportunities and liaise with industry leaders.

ACCA is a trusted brand among employers with a pristine, global reputation. When you choose ACCA, you choose to stand out among your competitors.


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#3. Gain the skills to start your own business


Did you know that mismanagement and a lack of financial literacy are some of the biggest reasons why businesses fail? 

If entrepreneurship is your goal, then you can’t go wrong with ACCA. While it is primarily a qualification meant for the accounting and financial profession, its flexibility and versatility goes beyond that. 

The qualification not only provides you with critical, sought-after accounting skills but also gives you the opportunity to pick up skills such as business management, creative and critical thinking, and financial literacy — all important skills that can help you start, sustain and grow a business.

So even if you’re not planning to become an accountant, ACCA is still a very helpful programme as it can provide you with the right skills you need to build your own business empire. Think we’re bluffing? You don’t have to look far for success stories. Tony Fernandes and Chef Wan are some examples of ACCA members turned successful business owners.

Want to be your own boss? ACCA can help you be a successful one. 

#4. Work anywhere you want in the world


Want to be a citizen of the world? You can travel the globe with ACCA.

ACCA is a prestigious qualification with a reputation in countries all over the world. This includes the United Kingdom, European Union, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Japan, Dubai, New Zealand, Switzerland, South Africa and many more. 

What does this mean for you as an ACCA member? Well, you can easily find work in any of these countries since ACCA is a recognised qualification. You don’t have to worry about having to take additional accounting exams or proving your competency in the field. 

Its worldwide reputation makes it easy for you to enter the job market in any of these countries, enabling you to work in any country you want.

#5. You’ll have the potential to earn a higher salary


Worried about money? In this economy, we’d be surprised if you’re not. 

Another great benefit to having an ACCA qualification is the boost in salary. When you possess an ACCA accreditation, you’re essentially telling the employers that you have been quality-assured by industry standards. This means that you are much more valuable as an employee compared to your non-ACCA peers. As such, you can easily score a higher pay grade.

In fact, in certain countries like the UK, a qualified chartered accountant with a professional qualification can earn as much as double what a graduate accountant without a professional qualification would earn. This makes ACCA a good investment for your future.


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#6. Get access to further qualifications and other professional memberships easily


Another great advantage to taking ACCA is the continuous self-development opportunity afforded to its members. While you can go into the workplace after completing your ACCA, you can also choose to further your studies and pursue an Oxford Brookes Global MBA or a MSc in Professional Accountancy with the University of London.

You can also use your ACCA membership to gain direct membership with other professional bodies (e.g. Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand, Malaysian Institute of Certified Public Accountants), claiming exemptions and taking advantage of discounted subscriptions. This can save you both time and money. 


Studying ACCA at Taylor’s comes with a pathway option to study at Birmingham City University, UK or Dublin Business School, Ireland. Learn more here.

#7. Be part of a prestigious professional community


ACCA is more than just an accounting qualification; it’s a community. 

When you join ACCA as a member, you can also connect with over 219,000 members, 7,400 Approved Employers and 80 accountancy partnerships worldwide — that’s a lot of like-minded professionals you can turn to for support and to fast-track your progression in the field. Knowing someone from the industry will also help you be in the know about the latest trends and happenings that’s shaping the field. 

As a professional body, ACCA is often consulted by governments, organisations and regulators on the field. As such, being a part of ACCA means being a part of an organisation that calls the shots and you will be among the first to know of any changes and updates to the field. 

It’s always great to have a professional community to support you in your growth and progression. And when you join ACCA, your community can be found in all corners of the world.


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