26 Incredulous Phobias From A-Z

Have you ever wondered what really scares you? We show you 26 phobias that might surprise you. Find out if you have any of them here.

Updated 31 May 2019

26 Incredulous Phobias From A-Z - Feature-Image

Let’s face it, we’re all afraid of something.

From creepy crawlies to fear itself, almost everyone has a phobia they may not even know they have. But did you know there exists an inexhaustible list of phobias — including bizarre ones like the fear of cotton balls and dinner conversations? Humans; we’re a fascinating species.

Intrigued to know more? Read on because we’re shedding light on 26 phobias from A-Z. Find out if you have any of them and if you don’t, at least you’ll learn something new you can share with your friends.

#1. Acrophobia - The fear of heights

If you feel jittery just thinking about looking down from a tall building, you definitely have this common phobia.

#2. Arachibutyrophobia - The fear of peanut butter

There’ll be no peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for you. While we understand some people don’t consume peanut butter due to allergies, you are more afraid of it sticking to the roof of your mouth.

#3. Bananaphobia - The fear of bananas

Weird Phobias-Bananaphobia

This is a really rare one — most cases stem from a bad childhood experience. It’s also claimed to be caused by the banana’s texture and the fear of slipping over the peels.

#4. Chronophobia - The fear of the future

A legitimately sound fear, as none of us can predict the future and what it brings.

#5. Decidophobia - The fear of making decisions

This goes beyond deciding whether to have nasi lemak or roti canai for breakfast. If you have this phobia, you probably experience intense anxiety when you need to make decisions and are heavily dependent on others to choose for you.

#6. Enochlophobia - The fear of crowds

If you have this common phobia, stay away from large crowds to avoid anxiety and panic attacks.

#7. Frigophobia - The fear of the cold

If you have this, you must love Malaysia’s weather. Often triggered by a traumatic experience during childhood, people with frigophobia usually keep their homes very warm and avoid eating or drinking things that are cold.

#8. Globophobia - The fear of balloons

Weird Phobias-Globophobia

Parties are terrifying because the thought of a popping balloon makes you jump.

#9. Herpetophobia - The fear of reptiles

Do you screech “Cicak!” and run for your life when you see a lizard? This phobia has your name on it.

#10. Isolophobia - The fear of being alone

You agree with the phrase “no man is an island” (meaning humans do badly when isolated) — a supportive circle of friends is essential to you.

#11. Katsaridaphobia - The fear of cockroaches

If you wince when you see a lizard, you probably fear the mighty cockroach too, especially the flying ones!

#12. Ligyrophobia - The fear of loud noises

You shudder just thinking about ear-splitting firecrackers and blaring honking.

#13. Metathesiophobia - The fear of change

It’s never easy to wrench yourself away from your comfort zone, but change can only bring better things.

#14. Nyctophobia - The fear of darkness

Weird Phobias-Nyctophobia

Thanks to a traumatic experience or watching too many horror shows, nightlights have become a norm in your bedroom.

#15. Ombrophobia - The fear of rain

While the gentle pitter-patter of rain isn’t that scary, knowing that they could bring on raging thunderstorms strike fear in you.

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#16. Phobophobia - The fear of fear

“That suggests that what you fear most of all is — fear. Very wise, Harry,” according to Professor Lupin in Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban.

#17. Quintaphobia - The fear of the number five

Mambo No. 5 is most likely not your favourite song.

#18. Ranidaphobia - The fear of frogs

Weird Phobias-Ranidaphobia

Some coo over the amphibians, but you’d rather they stay far, far, far away in their ponds.

#19. Sciophobia - The fear of shadows

Believed to be caused by a past traumatic event, sciophobia is one of the more complex fears.

#20. Scriptophobia - The fear of writing in public

Many people have a fear of speaking in public, but did you know that there are some who tremble at the thought of writing or even signing their name in public? Hopefully, you’re not one of them as it could seriously impact your grades.

#21. Trypophobia - The fear of closely-packed holes

Thanks to this phobia, you feel queasy when seeing small holes gathered together. We suggest not Googling ‘trypophobia images’ if you have an active imagination.

#22. Urophobia - The fear of urine or urinating

You should really get over this fear because it’s not good to hold in your pee!

#23. Verbophobia - The fear of words

An interesting one, definitely. Luckily, you don’t have this fear since you’re not afraid to read the words in this article.

#24. Wiccaphobia - The fear of witches

Weird Phobias-Wiccaphobia

Witchcraft? Spellbooks? People in pointy black hats? These things make you shudder.

#25. Xantophobia - The fear of the colour yellow

The colour yellow isn’t so bad — but it is to you, thanks to a past traumatic event telling your brain to stay away from the hue.

#26. Zelophobia - The fear of jealousy

You hate turning green. Considered a social phobia, this fear stems from life experiences and heredity.

If you didn’t relate to any of these, congratulations, you’re living a fear-free life! Now, remember a few of these phobias so you can whip out these nuggets of information during your next hangout session with your friends.

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