Architecture Scholarships in Malaysia

1) What is Architecture?

Architecture is a combination of both art and science combined to design buildings and physical structures.

To be a fully qualified architect it will take you about 7 years from degree till completing your qualification papers.

Besides that, Architecture allows you the freedom of working out of a cubicle and the use of your creativity. You will be working a lot with designing and using your hands to bring these designs to life!

2) What You Need To Know About Architecture Scholarships

  • Most scholarships are merit-based and don’t require interview
  • Most scholarships only cover studies up to degree level

3) List of Institutions & Scholarships for Architecture

Here is a comprehensive list of all the available Architecture scholarships offered by institutions, companies, GLCs and associations in Malaysia, and how you can apply for them.

Most Architecture scholarships are open throughout the year and some are offered by engineering & construction companies.

Name of ScholarshipKey HighlightsDeadline
Limkokwing Elite Creative Excellence Scholarship - Open to Malaysian citizens only
- Up to 100% tuition fee waiver
Always Open
Limkokwing Foundation Scholarship - Open to all applicants
- Up to 20% tuition fee waiver
Always Open
Limkokwing Talent Scholarship - Open to students who participate in district, state or national level sporting events
- Up to 100% tuition fee waiver
Always Open
Taylor's University Talent & Leadership Scholarship- For students who have participated in competitions and are talented in music, art, theatre, etc.
- Up to 100% tuition fee waiver
- Interview is required
Taylor's University Community Scholarship- For students who require financial aid
- Up to 100% tuition fee waiver
The Star Education Fund 2017- Must excel in extra-curricular activities
- Open to students below the age of 25

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