6 Worst Decisions You Can Make After Receiving Your SPM Results

Just received your SPM results? Be smart and avoid these regrettable mistakes post-SPM students always make!

Updated 20 Jun 2022

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So, you’ve faced your biggest fear thus far — SPM results day!

Regardless what your results are, you’re probably thinking about your next move.

But before you make a decision that could ruin the next few crucial years of your life, here’s a list of things you should absolutely stay away from.

#1. Failing to evaluate your SPM results

Worst Decisions You Can Make-01 Failing to evaluate SPM results

You might think that SPM is in the past now that you have your results — and you wouldn’t be wrong.

But before you relegate that slip of paper to a dark corner of your room, it’s worth analysing your results to identify which subjects you did well in so that you understand your strengths. This will help you in determining which courses to pursue and which ones to avoid like the plague.

For example, if you aced your language subjects, you could be good at courses such as law, mass communication and education. Or, if you find your result slip showing double As in maths and add maths, a degree in actuarial science, engineering or finance may just be your thing!


 If you’re looking for a course to hone your knowledge in science and maths, Heriot-Watt University Malaysia’s Foundation in Science might be your perfect match! The focused nature of the programme will prepare you well for a range of degrees, including actuarial science, engineering, psychology and data science.

#2. Making hasty decisions about a course

Worst Decisions You Can Make-02 Making hasty decisions 02

The worst thing that could happen to you is investing your time and (parents’) money on a programme, only to realise later on that you’re unable to cope with it.

To avoid this, don’t jump into a decision soon after receiving your SPM results. Instead, gather as much information as you can about the course of your choice and let your thoughts about it simmer before you seal the deal. If you can’t find the information you’re looking for online, you can always seek help from college representatives or an education advisor.


If you require any assistance regarding academic matters, Heriot-Watt University Malaysia can help you out. You’ll receive detailed information on the courses you’re interested in and any doubts you may have will be cleared.

#3. Delaying your college enrolment

Worst Decisions You Can Make-03 Delaying college enrolment

Yes, making a hasty decision about your future is a bad idea. But this isn’t a green light to dilly-dally on selecting a course to further your studies.

Studies have shown that those who delay college enrolment for a long period are less likely to complete a degree, which may impact your future earnings since degree-holders generally earn more than those with an SPM qualification.

Therefore, it’s best to kickstart your tertiary education as soon as you are ready. This will give you an advantage as you’re likely to graduate earlier, allowing you to get a headstart on applying to jobs in Malaysia’s increasingly competitive job market.

#4. Not taking advantage of Open Day waivers

Worst Decisions You Can Make-04 Missed out Open Day waivers 02

There’s a reason why procrastination is bad. And in this case, it’s because you could miss out on the chance to save some serious cash!

Most colleges and universities offer attractive rebates during their Open Days, many of which will be held after SPM results day. Open Days are a great chance for you to not only get a rebate off your tuition fee but also to speak to university representatives and check out the campus environment and facilities.

So if you’re serious about enrolling at a college, don’t waste the opportunity and make sure you attend their Open Day!

#5. Not looking for scholarships immediately

Not looking for scholarships immediately

Here’s something you would instantly regret — stumbling upon a scholarship that meets your needs, only to find out that the application deadline has passed.

Due to high demand, some of the top scholarship awards have a short application timeline. These coveted scholarships are only open for application after SPM results are released and have deadlines as soon as 1 week after SPM results day.

This is why you should begin your scholarship search as soon as you get your SPM results. In this scenario, the early bird truly does catch the worm!


Heriot-Watt University Malaysia offers a wide range of scholarships to cater to all types of students, from its High Achiever’s Scholarship for top scorers to its Financial Hardship Scholarship for needy students.

#6. Ignoring your interests to follow the crowd

Worst Decisions You Can Make-06 Follow the crowd

It may be tempting to attend a famed college because it’s the popular thing to do. After all, if all your friends are going, it must be a good college, right?


For starters, popularity doesn’t always mean quality. More importantly, what’s best for one person may not be for another. Your friends may prefer an institution that is buzzing with excitement and located right in the middle of the city while you may prefer a more conducive campus environment away from the hustle and bustle.

So never follow the crowd blindly. Instead, make careful considerations based on proven facts, actual reviews and your own assessment, instead of an institution’s perceived recognition.

Deciding on your tertiary education after SPM is never easy as the slightest wrong move could change your entire future. But whatever your plans are, rest assured that Heriot-Watt University Malaysia’s Foundation courses will ensure your future stays bright.

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