Which of These Harry Potter Personalities Are You?

Are you a fan of the Harry Potter series? Find out which character you and your friends are most like in class!

Updated 05 Sep 2019

Which of These Harry Potter Personalities Are You? - Feature-Image

How many of us have dreamt of receiving our personal Hogwarts Acceptance Letter after falling in love with the characters from Harry Potter? Wouldn’t it be great if you could feast in The Great Hall, fly on a broomstick during Quidditch and learn how to brew potions?

While getting a spot in Hogwarts remains a fantasy, who you identify with in this fascinating wizarding world could help you understand your personality a little bit more. Here are the top 10 characters of Harry Potter — tell us who you relate to most in the comments below!

#1. Harry Potter

Harry Potter Personalities-Harry Potter

As the most popular student in class, Harry Potter is always the talk of school no matter what he does. This could be due to his leadership qualities and active participation in sports and co-curricular involvements. Despite his popularity, he isn’t snobbish. He’s smart, approachable and is always seen helping other students who are in trouble or who need extra guidance in certain subjects. However, he sometimes gets into trouble due to his rash behaviour.

Do you find yourself identifying with Harry? If so, you probably have a knack for helping others — even if it can get you in trouble. You also see yourself as a creator but sometimes do not feel in demand and struggle to make use of your creative abilities. Nonetheless, you exhibit bravery and selflessness and have tremendous strength of character.

#2. Ron Weasley

Harry Potter Personalities-Ron Weasley

Ron Weasley is the go-to guy if you’re feeling peckish in class. He’s hungry so often that it’s almost impossible to catch him not munching anything! His personal motto? “Food is life.” Putting his permanent hunger aside, Ron is a loyal friend who always sticks by his best buds and will face his fears (spiders) to help them if they’re in trouble.

If you relate to Ron’s quirky traits, you’re most likely funny with a good sense of humour. However, although your jokes and wisecracks bring about bouts of laughter, this doesn’t mean that you do not have your insecurities. In addition, you have a headstrong personality and are very protective of those you care about.

#3. Hermione Granger

Harry Potter Personalities-Hermione Granger

This girl is the no-nonsense, know-it-all. You either love or hate her. There’s no in-between. You’ll love her because she’s a walking dictionary and you almost always learn something new when you sit next to her. You’ll hate her as she’s often the teacher’s pet who would steal every opportunity to raise her hand to answer questions.

So if you’re the kiasu type, she’s your nemesis as she almost never fails to be on top, academically. The chance of you seeing her without a book is zilch. Her favourite shop? Borders, of course!

Does this sound like you? If so, there’s more to you than your nerdy behaviour. You can also be quite witty and sarcastic, although you mean well. You’re also a strong-willed and compassionate person who will always be there for your closest friends.

#4. Fred and George Weasley

Harry Potter Personalities-Fred and George

Ah, our favourite mischievous twins. They’re far from being exemplary students but they’re definitely intelligent. They’re the ones in class who always blurt out silly responses when no one else knows the answer to a question — every class session with these two will never go without everyone in class bursting into laughter!

If you’re like Fred or George Weasley, you’re often known for being the class clown. People always want to lepak with you after class because you know all the cool places to hang out and know exactly where to get cool gadgets from.

#5. Ginny Weasley

Harry Potter Personalities-Ginny Weasley

She’s fierce and mysterious — you know you don’t want to mess with her. From the moment you first saw her, you could sense she’s been through very difficult moments in life.

If you have Ginny’s qualities, then it’s not a surprise that you’re probably the bravest and toughest girl in class. Your tenacity has also made you super athletic and you’re often spotted in sports attire, ready to hit the gym or on your way to a kickboxing class.

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#6. Draco Malfoy

Harry Potter Personalities-Draco Malfoy

There’s only one word to describe him. Notorious. This infamous fellow is the reason why half the class always gets into trouble. He’s always up to no good and most people would try their best to stay out of his way. However, he still has a group of friends who support his endeavours to cause trouble because they think it’s cool.

If you’re like Draco, then you’re the bad boy (or girl) in class. You exude confidence and you’re not concerned with homework because you’re not afraid of consequences at all or because you have the right connections. But, you’re not all bad. Deep down, you can tell right from wrong and you secretly want to change for the better.

#7. Luna Lovegood

Harry Potter Personalities-Luna Lovegood

A peculiar character, she is. She often shares stories that are almost unbelievable or too good to be true. During her spare time, she is always seen absorbed in teen fiction like Divergent, The Mortal Instruments and Percy Jackson & The Olympians. But, when push comes to shove, she’s kind-hearted and helpful when there are critical moments.

Are you just as odd as Luna is? Then you’re the kind of person who likes to be yourself and doesn’t worry if other people think you’re quite strange. Although you don’t have many friends, your real friends adore you because of your innocent intentions. Unfortunately, your gullible nature also makes you an easy target for bullies.

#8. Neville Longbottom

Harry Potter Personalities-Neville Longbottom-

This Harry Potter character is mostly shy and reserved. He’s the underdog in class as you’ll rarely hear him utter a single word. And when he does, it’s likely because he tripped over someone’s bag due to his clumsiness. He is often teased and taunted by mean friends due to his timid personality.

If you’re shy and awkward like Neville, don’t fret because this just means you’re good at other things. In fact, you’re excellent at certain subjects you’re interested in and you often surprise people by getting good grades unexpectedly. You’re also loyal and will always stick up for the people you care about. All you need is a little confidence boost so that you can step out of your comfort zone!

#9. Cho Chang

Harry Potter Personalities-Cho Chang

She’s the pretty one with long, shiny hair and flawless skin. She’s the girl who has at least half the boys in class falling for her simply by breathing. You will never catch her sitting alone as she is always surrounded by a cohort of girlfriends.

If you find yourself relating to Cho Chang, then you’re most likely the popular girl in class. But despite your popularity, you remain sweet and well-mannered. You’re also very smart and generally score well in your exams, which causes many of the other girls in your class to be envious of your “perfection”.

#10. Parvati Patil

Harry Potter Personalities-Parvati Patil

This Hogwarts student is attractive but her extremely chatty personality may not be a likeable trait by all. She’s always seen stuck like glue to her best friend whom she shares very similar interests with. Together, they're constantly gossiping and giggling over something or someone, even during serious situations.

Do you relate to Parvati? Although you may appear to be insensitive and shallow at times, you’re fiercely loyal to your close friends and will stand up to those who treat your friends poorly.

Now that you’ve gotten to know 10 of the popular characters from Harry Potter, who do you think you relate to the most? Tell us in the comments section below!

Didn’t relate to any of these characters? Perhaps you’ll learn more about yourself in one of these top 3 personality tests!

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