8 Ways the Internet Can Help You Save Money

How do you make the most of your broke college student situation but still save a little money? Use these money-saving online services!

Updated 12 May 2021

8 Ways the Internet Can Help You Save Money - Feature-Image

So you’re a little worried about the state of your finances (broke college student alert) but you still want to live life and do the things that make you happy, somehow. So how do you make the most of your situation and save a little moolah?

Don’t worry, we’re here to help by showing you how you can save money using the thing you love most — the internet!

#1. Get your cash back after you shop

8 Ways the Internet Can Help You Save Money-Shopback

It hurts to see your bank account go down a few digits after a satisfying online shopping session (yay to new clothes and gadgets, nay to less money), but what if you could get a certain percentage of your money back?

Enter ShopBack, an e-commerce site that returns some of your hard-earned ringgit to you when you shop online.

How do you get your cash back? Shop through the ShopBack website or app, click on any store on ShopBack (which will redirect you to the specific store's website), add your items to cart as usual and tada, a percentage of your cash will appear in your ShopBack account! You’ll be able to cash it out after it reaches RM10.

#2. Earn points to score free taxi rides

8 Ways the Internet Can Help You Save Money-E-hailing

We’re sure you’ve already hopped on the ride-sharing bandwagon and have at least installed Grab on your phone, but sometimes, the temptation of hailing a red-and-white taxi is great (especially after your Grab or MyCar driver cancels on you).

But we say stick to the apps! You’ll earn points after every Grab ride, which you can accumulate and use to redeem ride rewards worth RM5, RM10 and RM15. But don’t forget to check when your Grab points expire and use them before they do.

#3. Learn a new language for zero dollars

8 Ways the Internet Can Help You Save Money-Learn New Language

¿Cómo estás? 잘 지냈어요? Comment allez-vous?

That’s “how are you” in Spanish, Korean and French!

Immersing yourself in a new language is incredibly fun and enriching, but the high cost of language classes might make you rethink your dream of speaking in various tongues. Keep calm and go online, where an endless list of free language learning websites will turn you quadrilingual — that’s the ability to speak four languages.

Easy-to-use websites like Duolingo and Memrise pack a punch with effective bite-sized lessons that are sure to have you fluent in no time. And all for free too!

#4. Get digital study planners (without paying a thing!)

8 Ways the Internet Can Help You Save Money-Digital Revision Material

Pretty study planners at stationery stores are lovely to look at and productivity-inducing (you instantly feel like an A+ student), but the price tag on the back just doesn’t justify forking out your precious cash.

Fret not because the internet has got you covered with free templates! Thanks to these helpful sites, you’ll be spoilt for choice with the dizzying variety of planners to choose from, which range from daily to monthly revision schedules and so much more.

#5. Wade through discounts at travel websites

8 Ways the Internet Can Help You Save Money-Travel Website

While it’s fun to draw up your own travel itinerary (especially if you’re the type who likes being in control of your choice of destinations and time), it can get a little taxing, both for your efforts and wallet.

To save money online, browse e-commerce travel platforms like KKday and Klook instead! Score almost 50% discounts on passes to popular destinations like Lotte World and tour packages in Tokyo, just with a click of a button. Affordable travel, here we go!

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#6. Skip expensive first-date lattes

8 Ways the Internet Can Help You Save Money-Social Media

First dates filled with nervous laughter, sweaty palms and the conviction that the whole night is going up in flames is normal, don’t worry. However, paying for coffee and meals can quickly add up to a rather large bill.

Lucky for you, the internet has made it easier for you to get to know someone a little bit better before deciding to meet up. Various communication methods (think WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Instagram) are easily available to help you learn more about your future date, making sure that the expensive coffee will actually be worth it.

#7. Gain mountains of knowledge for cheap

8 Ways the Internet Can Help You Save Money-Gain Knowledge Online

These days, you can pretty much learn anything from the internet!

YouTube is packed with an incredible supply of knowledge, with cool channels like CrashCourse, Veritasium and Vsauce that are bound to leave you smarter and more curious about the world. Sites like Khan Academy and OpenLearning offer free academic courses, ranging from basic math and science to augmented reality and data analysis.

And if you’re down for investing some of your cash for more in-depth learning, check out online giant Udemy that has an array of courses such as business, entrepreneurship, coding, music and thousands more — all for a small fee.

#8. Ditch boring physical education fairs and go for a virtual one

This will save you time and money (no need to pay for transport, petrol and parking fares, yass!). Instead of trying to cope with the many struggles you’ll face at physical education fairs held at large convention centres, online education fairs will not only save you money but also save you from the inconvenience of parking, huge crowds and long queues by allowing you to get all the info you need online.

Enter EduAdvisor’s Virtual Education Fair — you can access university information easily, speak to university representatives and even win prizes, all from the comfort of home! The best part? It’s all for free.

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Ah, the internet has definitely made our lives a whole lot easier — we get to save money just by doing everyday things online. That’s more cash stashed safely away in your savings account, along with the peace of mind (and elation) of swiping good deals. Have fun trying out these money-saving online services!

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