7 Pocket-Friendly Gift Ideas for Your Loved Ones

Tis the season for gifts but what exactly should you get for your friends and families? Here are some ideas for you.

Published 21 Dec 2021

7 Pocket-Friendly Gift Ideas for Your Loved Ones - Feature-Image

Gift-giving is one of the most popular ways of showing affection to your loved ones. But choosing a tasteful gift while staying within your budget can be hard. If you’re on a tight budget, here are some gift ideas you can consider.

#1. Candles for a relaxing moment to themselves


You can never go wrong with scented candles. While it’s not a magic fix-all, it does help you relax. The peace of mind it brings, however temporary, can be a refreshing respite from the hustle bustle of life.

So if you’re looking to bring some quiet me-time to your loved ones, how about getting them candles? They’re pretty affordable and there’s plenty of scents to choose from. If you have the cash to spare, you can even pair it with miscellaneous items such as face masks, tea leaves or a book as a personalised self-care kit.

#2. Succulents to spruce up their living space


Think your friend could use a little greenery in their living space? Get them succulents.

These small plants not only make for a cute decoration, they’re also really easy to take care of. All you need is sunlight and water. And you don’t even have to pay that much attention to them. They thrive on neglect so it’s a perfect gift for those known for their laziness.

Best thing about it? You can get them at a really cheap price, with one going as low as RM3.

#3. French press coffee maker for their daily caffeine fix


Forget Starbucks. Nowadays, it’s hip to make your own coffee and a French press, otherwise known as a coffee press, is the perfect coffee brewing device for that.

It’s the ideal gift for a coffee lover. It’s easy to manoeuvre and you can make all sorts of caffeinated drinks with it. And it’s not limited to just coffee. You can use it to brew tea and even strain broth too.

With homemade coffee becoming increasingly popular in Malaysia, you can easily find a French press for around RM20. Pair it with your loved one’s favourite coffee beans and you have a nice little coffee set.

#4. Powerbank to charge their devices


Everyone knows someone who never charges their phone and always complains about having low battery. Well, if you’re wondering what gift you can get them, what about a power bank?

Power banks used to cost a lot but with its widespread use, prices have gone down significantly. Nowadays, you can easily find a decent one for around RM25.

So say goodbye to dead phones and get your loved ones their own portable charger. Of course, there’s always the possibility of them not charging the power bank but well, you can only do so much to help them.

#5. Prints of their favourite picture


In an age of phone cameras and online photo storage, gifting a physical print to your loved ones can be a novel idea. Whether it be their favourite art piece, a movie poster or even a photo of you together, physical prints can be a precious keepsake.

If you can’t find the print anywhere, just use a printing service where you can customise what you want printed, its size and its finish (glossy or matte). The price can vary but you can easily get a print for under RM10.

So if you’re not sure what to get your loved ones, maybe it’s time to think simple and go for a printed photo.

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#6. Gift cards for their hobbies


Does your friend have a Netflix account? Are they a PC gamer with their own Steam account? Or do they listen to music a lot on Spotify? If you don’t know what else to get them, how about paying for their subscription or purchases through a gift card?

It’s a great gift because you’re actually giving them something they can use. This way, you’re basically giving them money to fund their interests. Netflix and Spotify gift cards can be found in 7-Eleven and selected stores while a Steam gift card can be purchased online for as low as RM15.

#7. Food delivery vouchers for their daily meal


So you’ve exhausted all other gift ideas and you still don’t know what to get your loved ones. Well, everyone eats so you definitely cannot go wrong with food vouchers.

Food delivery vouchers are a great alternative to buying them food in-person because they can choose what they want to eat and, instead of having to go out, they can have the food delivered to their house. It’s a great way to ensure your loved ones are well-fed even when you’re too busy to go see them.

And it doesn’t even cost that much. You can get a food delivery voucher from Grab for as low as RM10.

Your gifts don’t have to cost a fortune to be meaningful. What’s important is to take into account who you’re giving it to. What kind of a person are they and what kind of a gift would they like? Once you’ve figured that out, figuring a meaningful but pocket-friendly gift will be as easy as ABC.

Want to give DIY gifts a try? Check this list out.

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