5 Weird (But Cool) Accounting Jobs You Never Knew Existed

Wondering if there’s more to accounting than the usual boring office jobs? Here are 5 unusual jobs in accounting that range from entertainment to sports and more.

Updated 27 Apr 2022

5 Weird (But Cool) Accounting Jobs You Never Knew Existed - Feature-Image
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If the word ‘accountant’ brings to mind a bespectacled number cruncher who works at a dull and dreary office, you’re about to be enlightened. Accountants these days get to mingle with the stars, work hand in hand with sporting figures and track shadowy criminals, just by making the most of their much-needed knowledge.

Here are 5 unusual yet interesting jobs in accounting that’ll make you want to sign up for an ACCA course immediately!

#1. Forensic accountant

Unusual Accounting Jobs-Forensic Accountant

Think of yourself as a crime scene investigator, except that the clues to your mystery lie buried in financial records instead of fingerprints and DNA.

Forensic accountants are the Sherlock Holmes of the finance world — they investigate tax evaders, embezzlers, insider traders and insurance fraudsters for government organisations, law enforcement agencies and big accounting firms.

If fighting crime armed with numbers is your cup of tea, being a forensic accountant will be the perfect job for you.


Taylor’s College is now offering the highly reputable professional accounting qualification, ACCA, along with the Certified Accounting Technician (CAT). Kickstart your accounting career at one of the top colleges in Malaysia!

#2. Entertainment accountant

Unusual Accounting Jobs-Entertainment Accountant

Yes, even the glitz and glam of showbiz requires accountants who are good at recording every ringgit and sen spent in the name of entertainment.

These accountants are tapped by TV and movie studios, theatre companies as well as record labels to plan production budgets, negotiate royalty payments and file taxes.

If they’re lucky enough, some entertainment accountants are able to get a little closer to the elite celebrity circle by working directly for entertainers as business managers or advisors. Imagine handling every aspect of your favourite celeb’s financials — you would have no choice but to work very closely with them to ensure everything is in order. #DreamComeTrue

#3. Sports accountant

Unusual Accounting Jobs-Sports Accountant

It’s not easy to become a sports accountant, but if you manage to get in, count yourself lucky. You’ll be slam dunking numbers for your favourite sports team or athlete — what’s not to like?

Accountants for sports teams use their specialised accounting knowledge to manage merchandising revenue, budgets, team payroll and other expenses. Advising teams about the financial impact of player salaries and trades is also part and parcel of the job.

Let’s not forget about professional athletes who need accountants too. Accountants help these sporting superstars by assisting with contract negotiations, complying with complex tax regulations and planning their financial future to maximise long-term wealth.

As a sports accountant, digits are important balls in your court, so knock it out of the park!


Want to study at a quality accounting institution that supports your passion for sports at the same time? The Taylor’s Lakeside Campus offers an immersive campus experience with plenty of sporting activities, from dodgeball and frisbee to martial arts!

#4. Fashion accountant

Unusual Accounting Jobs-Fashion Accountant

If you speak Prada as well as cost accounting and accounts management, it's time to walk down the fashion accountant runway.

With the industry's particularly long cash flow cycle, you'll need to make sure the fashion house or designer you're working for has the funding to keep afloat during the period between production and sales.

The numbers side of the apparel business also includes handling funding for long-term purchasing of materials and coordination of overall financial plans (budgets, forecasts, stock count and revenue recording) to ensure the brand has a bright future and a good reputation.


Studying accounting at a credible university will increase your chances of being hired by famous fashion brands! Known for being a top private university in Malaysia with an unsurpassed track record that spans 5 decades, Taylor’s is a great example of a university with an outstanding reputation.

#5. Environmental accountant

Unusual Accounting Jobs-Environment Accountant

While ditching plastic bags for reusable totes is one step to going green, why not take it a step further by using your accounting skills to help look after the environment? Yes, this is possible.

As an environmental accountant, you'll help large corporations (notorious for prioritising the money trail above everything else) find ways to reduce energy costs and manage pollution.

Expect plenty of consulting to ensure companies follow environmental-friendly practices without spending too much. This includes overseeing the budget for constructing green buildings or suggesting alternative cost-effective chemicals or products.


Being an eco-warrior still requires a solid foundation from lecturers who know their stuff. The ACCA educators at Taylor’s College are trained in professional firms that include the Institute of Bankers and Genting Property Management, so you know your future accountancy and business career aspirations are in good hands.

And there you have it! Being an accountant doesn’t mean you’re resigned to a dusty corner in an accounting firm constantly churning out numbers for banks or other boring corporations. With these 5 unusual accounting jobs, a career in accountancy is sure to be exciting!

4 Reasons Why You Should Study CAT/ACCA at Taylor's

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Get to Know Taylor's College's ACCA Lecturers

Unusual Accounting Jobs- ACCA Lecturers

Only the best can teach the best, so Taylor’s College proudly welcomes a team of experienced PhD-qualified lecturers trained in professional firms to lead this professional accounting course. Under the guidance of Joe Fang, Dr Siva Subramaniam Nair, Yap Wai Wing, Oviyan Illancheran, Stephy Lim, Siva Sathish, Sanjeetha Sidhu, Ng Kian Tuck and more, these professionals will ensure you experience quality ACCA education at Taylor’s College.

Joe Fang, expert in Strategic Business Reporting and Financial Reporting

Renowned ACCA lecturer Joe Fang’s influence reaches across Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and China, having taught thousands of ACCA students over the past 18 years. A strong proponent of technology, he uploads his live lectures online and uses Facebook and WhatsApp to engage with students, providing them with a platform to post questions and motivate one another.

Dr Siva Subramanian Nair, revered veteran on Malaysian Taxation

Dr Siva has extensive experience in Malaysian Taxation, having taught the subject for 26 years in addition to 12 years of industry knowledge in one of the Big Four accounting firms and a property development company. His in-depth tax knowledge makes him highly sought-after for other professional exams, including ICSA, MICPA and AIA, as well as undergraduate degrees.

For more information, click here to visit Taylor's College's website.

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