UNITEN Is Offering RM8,000 Incentive for Diploma Programmes for Their September 2023 Intake

You can use this incentive to secure a lower tuition fee or opt for a monthly allowance instead.

Updated 05 Sep 2023


Are you looking to develop practical and hands-on expertise in engineering, computer science or business? If so, then a diploma programme stands out as the perfect choice. 

There’s no better time to sign up than now, especially with Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN) offering an exclusive RM8,000 incentive tailored for your diploma journey. With state-of-the-art facilities and an outstanding employability rate of 94%, UNITEN is the ultimate choice for a confident step into your future.

What you need to know

The incentive is primarily for B40 students who are applying for UNITEN diploma programmes for the September 2023 intake. However, other students may also apply. 

Students have the option to use the incentive to lower their tuition fees or opt for a monthly allowance for 1 semester. It can also be used to cover registration fees too. 

This incentive will be discontinued after 1 semester.

Seize the opportunity at UNITEN today. Leave your details in the form below to secure your RM8,000 incentive.

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