7 Struggles You'll Relate to If You're Waiting for Your Exam Results

Waiting for exam results is no fun, especially if you've poured your heart and soul into studying for your exams. We bet you're facing these struggles while waiting!

Updated 13 Apr 2021

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Waiting for exam results is no fun. It can be agonising — especially when you need to get your hands on your results as soon as possible so you can apply for scholarships or decide what to study.

Some people react differently during the wait time; they're either lost in worry or they've totally forgotten that they even sat for the exam! If you're the worrying kind, we bet you're familiar with these struggles while waiting for your exam results.

#1. You wake up every morning thinking about your results

Struggles While Waiting For Results-Wake Up Thinking Of It

After weeks, nay, months of burning the midnight oil to slog over your notes, the arduous task of studying for your exams is over. You can relax and party now!

However, your frazzled brain is still locked in exam mode. No matter how much you try to steer your thoughts away from the exam results, it's all you can think about. It’s the first thing you think about in the morning, it’s on your mind while you’re scrolling through Instagram and it’s even running through your thoughts while you’re having breakfast. It doesn't seem to end!

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#2. Everyone keeps asking when your results will be out

Struggles While Waiting For Results-Keeps Asking When It Will Out

You know they mean well, but gosh, how you dread it when someone asks you when you're getting your results. The cherry on top is when they also want to know what you plan to study, making it a double-whammy of a question.

If you've already made up your mind about your future studies, it gets tiring and boring having to explain your plans to people. If you haven't decided what to study yet, the anxiety you feel is tripled when people ask you that question as you're still unsure of it yourself.

#3. You think you’re fine but deep down, you’re freaking out...

Struggles While Waiting For Results-Freaking Out Inside

Somehow, you manage to put on a brave face. Your friends are stressing out and frantically pacing around their room, but your calm demeanour while waiting for your results is the complete opposite of their behaviour. You're so cool about it that you don’t scream in terror when people ask you how you’re feeling.

However, there’s a but coming up. You think you’re fine, but you’re actually just putting up a facade to control the raging mix of emotions (worry, anxiety, stress) that’s boiling inside you. All it would take is a small incident to light the fires of your anxiety and BAM, your true feelings will explode to the surface!

#4. Drowning yourself with distractions is the only way

Struggles While Waiting For Results-Drowning Yourself With Distractions

Since you want to put an end to all that worry eating away at you, you find that distractions are the best thing to calm you down. From baking cakes to beating high scores at a video game, you've tried them all.

But, you need a lot of distractions to stop your mind from straying to the thought of your exam results... So you try a short stint as an Instagram foodie. You move on to making clumsy YouTube video gameplays then proceed to make a quick buck selling your pre-loved clothes on Carousell. You'll do anything, anything to distract yourself from thinking about your exam results.

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#5. You obsess over a question you’re sure you got wrong

Struggles While Waiting For Results-Obsessing Over A Question

It's wise to stop thinking about your exam once you've completed it, but you do the opposite and obsess over it. Memories of a difficult paper haunt you daily, and you wonder if you correctly answered a question or made an absolute mess of it.

Your parents stare quizzically at your dazed face, wondering if it's the lack of sleep that’s getting to you or if you’re coming down with a cold. Nope, you're simply lost in your thoughts about that darn exam question.

#6. You’re torn between sleeping or partying

Struggles While Waiting For Results-Torn Between Sleeping Or Partying

Chatting happily about their plans after exams, your friends seem to have nothing but good times after their last paper is over. You, on the other hand, are in a dilemma.

To party or not to party, that is the question. Part of you wants to curl up on your bed and make up for all the sleep you didn’t have due to late-night study sessions, while the other half of you wants to paint the town red and roar in triumph. What do you want to do? That's a question you really can't answer right now.

#7. You start Googling for “successful failures”

Struggles While Waiting For Results-Google For Successful Failures

Drained of all hope and convinced that you’ll fail your exams, you head to Google and start searching for “successful failures”. We get it, you need to be assured that you’ll survive if you fail your exams terribly.

After reading the inspiring stories of famous people who achieved great goals even though they previously failed, you feel a little better, but gradually go back to your anxious self when you realise you aren’t going to be a famous successful failure any time soon.

If you can relate to these struggles and have cycled through a range of wildly different emotions, it's time for you to stop worrying. After all, que sera sera (whatever will be, will be)! Instead of torturing yourself by thinking about your exam results, breathe in and relax. You deserve a break, no matter how badly you think you did. Good luck and all the best during results day!

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