29 Aug 2018

5 Shocking Facts You Need to Know About the Average Salary in Malaysia

If you’re a final year student or recent graduate gearing up to enter the workforce, you may be curious to know what lies ahead when it comes to salary and remuneration.

Well, according to the latest Salaries & Wages Survey Report released by the Department of Statistics Malaysia, the average salary for Malaysians is RM2,880 per month in 2017. This is good news as it has risen by 8% from 2016. The figure is also much higher than the current minimum wage, which is set at RM1,000 for Peninsular Malaysia and RM920 in East Malaysia.

What other insights can we glean from the report? Do men earn more than women? Which industries have higher salaries?

We explore all of this and more in our infographic below!

Average Salary in Malaysia-Infographic

(Illustrated by Leong Shu Man)

There you have it — a glimpse of what Malaysians earn on average in a month. Although this gives you a good idea of what to expect, remember that there are many factors that can impact your actual salary, such as market demand and supply as well as your skills, qualifications and years of experience.

Important Note: All data was taken and computed from the full Salaries & Wages Survey Reports published by the Department of Statistics Malaysia.

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