Receive up to 20% Off Tuition Fees When You Apply for INTEC Education College’s January 2019 Intake

Still looking for a suitable college programme? INTEC Education College is offering up to 20% rebate when you apply for their courses by 25 January 2019! Find out more here.

Updated 17 Jan 2019

Get up to 20% off When You Apply at INTEC in January 2019 - Feature-Image

So, your friends are already all geared up and excited to begin a new chapter in their lives as they prep for their upcoming college classes. But…that’s not the case for you (yet) as you’re still deciding where you should begin your tertiary education and what course you should study. Not sure what to do?

Well, we say look no further! INTEC Education College is giving you up to 20% discount off tuition fees when you sign up for their January 2019 intake courses.

What you need to know

The courses entitled for this promotion are as follows:

If these programmes are your cup of tea, then it is definitely not too late for you to kickstart your semester now and still get to enjoy the rebate as the application deadline is only on 25 January 2019!

So, hurry and sign up now! You can leave your details below and our friendly education advisors will be in touch.

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