7 Problems Only Smart People Can Relate To

Do you get called a smart kid? You’ll know then of the few downsides to claiming the title of Captain Clever. Read on for some relatable problems only smart people have!

Updated 31 May 2019

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If you consistently score As and have aunties singing you praises, congratulations, you’re a smart kid! There are many perks to having your intelligence prized by many, but surprisingly (or unsurprisingly), there are a few downsides to claiming the title of Captain Clever. Read on for some relatable problems only smart people have!

#1. Having your homework copied by everyone

Problems Only Smart People Can Relate To-Homework copied by everyone

Ah, the pitfalls of being the class smarty-pants. There you are, sitting at your desk focusing intently on your Biology textbook, when a classmate nudges you. Do they want to ask how your weekend was? Maybe they want to ask you to join them during break.

Oh. They just want your Biology homework to copy from.

You sigh as you pass it to them, only to be nudged again by someone else whispering for your Sejarah notes to copy. Will this ever end?!

#2. Doing all the work

Problems Only Smart People Can Relate To-Doing all the work

As a smart kid, your burning hatred for group assignments is valid. You’re a pro at taking notes of the work to be done, delegating tasks, monitoring progress and so much more, all thanks to your group mates who don’t think they need to do a single thing!

They’re happier letting you steer the ship, knowing full well that your insistence on doing a good job will score them an A. Sure, there are times when you wonder if you should just throw in the towel and refuse to do all the work, but the fear of getting a low grade horrifies you.

#3. Loving (yet hating) being the teacher’s pet

Problems Only Smart People Can Relate To-Teacher pet

You can’t help the fact that almost all the teachers or lecturers praise you and your work, that’s what being the class brain gets you. However, the glow of appreciation you get after hearing a good word from your teacher sadly gets dampened by the jeers from your peers.

It’s definitely hard being one of the smart kids when there are students who are envious about it and would try and put you down because of it. If this get serious and you think you are being bullied, walk away from the situation and tell an adult who can help.

#4. Being the constant point of reference

Problems Only Smart People Can Relate To-Being the constant point of reference

Yes, even when you’re not that good at a certain subject. Case in point: A classmate begs you to help them with their Introduction to Management essay.

The only problem? You’re an Engineering student who hasn’t taken up a Management elective. Somehow, the whole world assumes you’re smart at everything, even though your strength lies in a specific area.

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#5. Wondering if people really were that stupid

Problems Only Smart People Can Relate To-Wondering if people really were that stupid

The usual chatter fills your classroom before the lecturer strides in, and you overhear someone saying “Today I learnt that tigers and lions are different”.

It takes all your willpower to not screech “Are you joking?!”, as you simply cannot believe people are that stupid! Hang in there, buddy; the world is filled with people of all stripes and it’s better to accept that some people don’t prioritise knowing the difference between the two big cats.

#6. Given higher expectations

Problems Only Smart People Can Relate To-Given higher expectations

With great knowledge comes great expectations, and you’re a victim of impossibly high expectations from your family and educators.

If your brother gets a B+ in an exam, he’s given a clap on the back and a word of congratulations! However, if you scored the same grade, a torrent of anger and disappointment would greet you. That’s unfair, but such is life.

#7. Yearning to be known by something other than ‘smart’

Problems Only Smart People Can Relate To-Yearning to be known by something

We know labels don’t matter, but it gets a little boring to be always known as ‘the smart one’. If your passion for hiking is equal, if not more, than your reputation for being clever, you’d love to be known as ‘the hiker’!

Unfortunately, people see only one thing, and you’ve long resigned yourself to the fact that the title of smarty-pants will follow you forever. A little spark of hope to break free from the ‘smart’ mould resides in your heart, though...

And there you have it, 7 problems only smart people have! We know it may be tough to stop society from stereotyping nerds and bespectacled brains, but as long as you’re true to yourself, these problems will soon become a thing of the past. Faced other smart kid problems? Let us know in the comments below!

So you think you’re smart? Let’s see if you get these jokes only smart people know.

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