Like Free Stuff? Here Are 7 Ways You Can Get Things for Free

Ever wondered if you could get things at a quarter of their prices or better yet, for FREE? Well, find out how you can here!

Updated 05 Aug 2019

Like Free Stuff? Here Are 7 Ways to Get Things for Free - Feature-Image

It may sound hard to believe but yes, in this day and age, it is possible to get things for free. All you’ve got to do is look beyond what you see.

Here are 7 ways you can get what you want without spending a dime:

#1. Swap items with friends

How to Get Things for Free-Swap items with friends

Have you been eyeing your close friend’s uber-cool bomber jacket and can’t help but wonder if you should get the same piece too?

Hold up!

Before you dash off to the mall on the hunt for a similar silky jacket, why not ask your friend if you could borrow his or her jacket, in exchange for something else from your closet. This way, it’s not just economical for your wallet, it’s also eco-friendly (as you’ll be saving planet earth from having landfills of old clothes)!

Just remember to return the item you’ve borrowed as soon as possible in its original condition. Or, if there’s something of yours that your friend really likes and he or she was getting tired of that jacket — you could always do a permanent swap. So you’ll be getting something you really want for free while making space in your closet when you give away the clothes you don’t want.


You can create a group on Facebook or WhatsApp within your circle of buddies and begin exchanging items! It doesn’t have to be strictly for garments, you could even exchange books, video games or even devices. Think about all the money you can save!

#2. Go for swapping events

How to Get Things for Free-Swapping events

If swapping things with your friends isn’t enough, it’s time to go one step further! These days, you can swap your goods through exchanging events organised around your friendly neighbourhood. Yes, these events exist locally and they require you to do a little snooping to find out where and when they’ll be held.

For starters, you can swap your books which you’ve already read in popular book exchange clubs such as KL Book Exchange or Penang Book Exchange. As for clothes, you can try exchanging the ones you don’t want at The Swap Project or Style Swap.

Be sure to adhere to the rules and regulations of each event and only exchange items that are still in good condition. You don’t want to be on the receiving end of horrible items too, do you?

#3. Practise the art of DIY

How to Get Things for Free-Practice the art of DIY

Have you ever stumbled across items like journals, calendars and even tote bags that made you think “I could do this myself for free!”? Now’s your chance to unravel your creativity and get what you need for free by actually learning how to make them yourself. Besides, there are certain do-it-yourself projects that are much simpler than you think.

Aside from that, you can also try reusing and repurposing old items to give them a new life! For example, your old pair of jeans can be made into a bag or you could reuse a glass bottle as a flower vase.

Sometimes, you may have to fork out a couple of bucks for the DIY tools and materials but on the plus side, you’ll be able to create your own stuff for less than half of the price of the item in a store. Not discounting that proud moment you’ll feel after completing a D-I-Y project (yas!).

#4. Join the Buy Nothing Project movement

How to Get Things for Free-Buy Nothing Project movement

The Buy Nothing Project is a worldwide community-based group initially founded in the United States. This movement began in 2013 and encourages people to offer free goods and services to people in their neighbourhood, without expecting anything in return.

The project, which reaches out to communities worldwide, uses Facebook as a platform and enables people all around the world to post items which they no longer wish to keep. Interested individuals around their neighbourhood can then request for the items for free!

You’d be surprised at the many things people would give away including cosmetics, clothes, books, tech devices, home furniture and more. That’s not all, if you’re looking for a specific item, you may even post your request for it on your local Buy Nothing Facebook group and see if someone else is willing to give you the item for free! Magical? Yes. Here are the links to some of the groups locally:

  1. Beli Nothing Project (Penang & Butterworth)
  2. Beli Nothing Project (Klang Valley)
  3. Beli Nothing Project (KL Cheras, Ampang Kajang and Nearby)


 Remember to adhere to the rules and regulations and be courteous when you’re requesting for things on the internet.

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#5. Help out at your fave event

How to Get Things for Free-Help out at fave event

Want to catch that cool concert or event but can’t afford the hefty ticket price? Working part-time as an event organiser or usher would be the best way for you to catch that concert for free! Although it can be tiring, if it gives you the chance to get closer to your all-time favourite artist, it’s definitely worth a shot.

Typically, concert and event organisers would always require volunteers to help out on the event day itself. So if you’ve got nothing planned, think about sacrificing some hours to work in exchange for a chance to get a glimpse of your favourite superstar!

#6. Participate in contests

How to Get Things for Free-Participate in contests

This might be a little tricky and you’ll have to put in more effort with no guarantee that you’ll win, but as the saying goes, there’s no harm in trying.

That’s right, go for it because you have nothing to lose — especially when the contest is pretty simple. So if you’re looking for free concert passes, movie tickets and other goodies, tune in to radio stations more frequently, subscribe to newsletters that have contests often and follow the social media handles of the brands you love.

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#7. Sign up for college with EduAdvisor

How to Get Things for Free-Sign up for college with EduAdvisor

Are you planning to kickstart your journey as a college student soon? What if we told you that you could get a free gift simply by enrolling in college?

That’s right! We’re giving away prizes like an Instax camera or headphones to students who apply to selected colleges through us. Sounds awesome? Learn more here.

On top of that, we also offer free counselling services to help you decide on the best course and college for you. Just leave your details here and our friendly professional education advisors will get back to you.

As you can see, it can be pretty easy to get things for free if you know how to be resourceful. But, remember to take only what you need — you don’t want to end up with a cluttered space filled with things you don’t use. Good luck!

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