7 Differences Between a Traditional vs Virtual Education Fair

Read on to find out how a virtual education fair trumps the physical one held at convention halls and learn how easy your experience can be at a virtual fair!

Updated 12 May 2021

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Ever wished you could walk in an education fair from the comfort of your couch? Wait, is that even possible? Of course it is, with EduAdvisor’s Virtual Education Fair!

With a virtual education fair, you can experience all the benefits of a traditional education fair without the dread of being crushed by an avalanche of people. Connect and chat live with universities all over Malaysia, all from the convenience of your own home. Yes, no crowds, no long queues and most importantly, goodbye parking woes.

In this article, we’re revealing how a virtual education fair trumps a physical one while showing you how easy your time will be with a virtual fair!

#1. Accessibility

Physical vs Virtual Education Fair Final- Accessibility

The very first thing you think of when someone mentions ‘education fair’ is the long, long drive to a packed convention hall brimming with students, institution booths and parents. Most of the good fairs featuring top-tier universities and colleges are always held at venues in Kuala Lumpur, which makes things a little tougher if you have to travel from other states.

Luckily, virtual education fairs solve the dilemma of travel! They can be accessed regardless of location — you can be in Ipoh or Kuching and still attend the fair. Enjoy all the elements of an education fair, minus the hassle of getting to the far-away venue.

#2. Parking

Physical vs Virtual Education Fair Final-Parking 2

Searching for available parking bays at an education fair is a stressful ordeal, further “enhanced” by your parents yelling and grumbling at you (“Why didn’t you take that parking spot? Now we have to circle this place again!”). Needless to say, hunting for a magically-vacant parking bay is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

On the other hand, there’s no need to pray to the parking gods if you attend a virtual education fair. As the fair is a digital one, it’s all ease and comfort — all you need to do is log in online. Parking woes begone!

#3. Crowds

Physical vs Virtual Education Fair Final-Crowds

Packed convention halls at education fairs mean getting squished in between sticky, sweaty people. No one likes the bodily fluids of a thousand people on them all day, eww. Plus, you’re bound to return home tired and mentally drained after jostling for the institution's rep’s attention with a few hundred other students.

At a virtual education fair, there’s no gulping for fresh air and no rude students barging their way to a popular booth. Just good ole' you. You’ll get to have dedicated chats with admission counsellors for advice on your education journey, get precious information about scholarships and learn more about life on campus. How’s that for personalised, quality and dedicated service?

#4. Brochures and flyers

Physical vs Virtual Education Fair Final-Brochures and Flyers 2

Admit it, the dozens of unwanted brochures you get after an education fair will just clutter your bedroom until it’s time for you to throw them out. In this age of zero-waste and being more environmentally-conscious, these paper-and-ink items serve no useful purpose except for being potential paper planes.

Score snazzy digital copies of those brochures instead at a virtual education fair. Download only the ones you want instead of getting them shoved at you by pushy promoters. This way, you’ll get only the essential information you need and get to wear your eco-friendly badge.

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#5. Waiting times

Physical vs Virtual Education Fair Final-Waiting Times

It hurts that education fairs live up to their notorious reputation of long wait times.

Trust us — the wait time can feel as long as a Lord of the Rings movie marathon, thanks to the overwhelming crowd that feel like they have no other way to retrieve information from universities.  

At a virtual education fair, you’ll be going, “What wait?” Counsellors and university representatives are ready to chat with you at a click of a button. No waiting required!

#6. Is it fun?

Physical vs Virtual Education Fair Final-Fun

Not really. There isn’t much fun in spending hours at a packed convention hall trying to get the best deal for your education. The only joy you’ll feel is the moment you realise you can go home. Sad, but true.

It’s a ‘yes’ at virtual education fairs, though! Stand a chance to win scholarships and prizes at the EduAdvisor Virtual Education Fair, simply by registering early and participating in the day’s events. After all, you deserve the reward for taking charge of your education.

#7. Forgetting the info you’ve been told

Physical vs Virtual Education Fair Final-Information

“Whoops, I should have written it down!” Nodding along while the university rep waxes lyrical about the institution is all good, but chances are you’ve forgotten everything they’ve said after leaving the booth. Not a good situation to be in, especially when you want to kickstart your academic journey as soon as possible.

“Everything’s right with me!” At a virtual education fair, all your chats with the reps are right with you and easily saved. You can download your chat history with the education counsellors and refer to conversations with the various institutions' lecturers and counsellors. How’s that for convenience?

There you have it! With all the time (and money) you get to save by simply clicking and browsing through a one-stop platform featuring a wide range of universities, you get to have everything a physical education fair offers, and more!

Find scholarships, discover programmes and connect with Malaysia's top institutions at the EduAdvisor Virtual Education Fair — happening this 27 May – 5 June 2024! Click here to register.

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