7 Best Jobs for Those Who Dislike Working Outside

Hate the hustle and bustle of the world out there? If you prefer working behind a desk in a cosy office environment, you’ll want to consider these career options!

Updated 21 Feb 2020

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There are plenty of reasons why you may want to work indoors, one of which is the major protection you’ll get from unpredictable thunderstorms, the scorching Malaysian heat and the foggy haze that shrouds the nation every now and then.

So, if working in a cosy, air-conditioned environment is your cup of tea, then the following could be the ideal jobs you’re looking for!

#1. Writer

Indoor Jobs-Writer

If you consider yourself a wordsmith, then you should think of becoming a writer. While some writers do need to be out and about (e.g. journalists), there are plenty of writing opportunities that only require you to be stationed behind a desk most of the time. Such jobs include web content writer, copywriter and technical writer.

Generally, there’s no specific degree required to become a writer as long as you possess in-depth knowledge about a specific industry and have a flair in writing. However, a Degree in Mass Communication (majoring in journalism and public relations) or Degree in English can help to pave the way.

#2. Accountant

Indoor Jobs-Accountant

Got a mind of a calculator or simply love playing with numbers? As one of the most sought-after jobs in Malaysia, accountants are necessary for nearly every industry. An accountant records, analyses and reports financial transactions for companies to ensure compliance with various standard regulations. Typically, an accountant works in the office but some professions (e.g. auditors) will have to visit their clients at their premises from time to time.

With an Accounting Degree in Malaysia, jobs you can pursue include auditor, tax consultant, accounts specialist and financial controller.

#3. Market research analyst

Indoor Jobs-Market research analyst 02

One of the key aspects of business is marketing — communicating the value of a product or service to an audience. But to be able to market effectively, companies first need to gather key insights from customers to help them identify potential markets and factors affecting product demand.

As a market research analyst, some of your key responsibilities include monitoring and predicting market trends as well as collecting and analysing data about consumers, competitors and the market conditions. If marketing research floats your boat, a Degree in MarketingBusiness or Actuarial Science will take you there. Typically, you’ll spend most of your days working with a computer to collect and analyse data for reports, so you’ll remain mostly indoors.

#4. Computer programmer

Indoor Jobs-Computer programmer-

With the Fourth Industrial Revolution on the rise, Malaysia is in need of more talent to venture into computer science and digital technology. Computer programmers top the list of tech jobs that are in-demand come the year 2020.

As a computer programmer, you’ll be writing and testing codes for software applications and operating systems. Therefore, you’ll need to master programming languages such as Java, C++ and Python.

A skilled computer programmer ought to be highly detail-oriented and focused since you’ll be handling line after line of codes. Many computer programmers work in offices, although you can actually work from any location as long as you’re equipped with a computer.

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#5. Laboratory technician

Indoor Jobs-Laboratory technician

Do you revel at the idea of mixing colourful translucent liquids in test tubes and carrying out evil experiments? Depending on the field, lab technicians collect, study and carry out diagnostics tests on samples for scientific investigations. For example, if you’re within the medical field, you may be sampling body fluids, chemical compounds or biological specimens. On the other hand, if you’re in the food and beverage industry, your work will mainly focus on collecting and analysing food and drink samples.

Lab technicians can venture into various bioscience sectors including healthcare, food and beverage and pharmaceuticals. If you’re into solving criminal activities instead (think Abby Sciuto from NCIS), you can also consider diving into forensic science! You’ll get to don on a cool lab coat and goggles as you work in a clean and organised science lab indoors (yay!).

#6. Physiotherapist

Indoor Jobs-Physiotherapist

Physiotherapists are trained professionals who help patients recover from physical difficulties due to an injury, illness, disability or ageing. They improve their patients’ movement and maximise their quality of life by assessing and diagnosing their physical problem and then providing a treatment plan using a wide range of techniques and therapeutic exercises for each patient to carry out.

To become a physiotherapist, you’ll need a Degree in Physiotherapy. While you may not be working behind a desk, a physiotherapist typically works within a building such as hospitals, community health centres, nursing homes and fitness centres; so you don’t have to be outside!

#7. Dentist

Indoor Jobs-Dentist

Interested in working in the healthcare industry? Well, why not take up dentistry?

A dentist is responsible for maintaining and restoring the oral health of a person by diagnosing and treating diseases in the mouth. Generally, you can become a general practitioner (a dentist who provides general oral health services) or a dental specialist such as an oral surgeon, orthodontist or paediatric dentist.

In order to become a dentist, you’ll need a Degree in Dentistry which usually takes about 5 years to complete. You’ll get to work in healthcare establishments such as government hospitals, private oral health clinics and health centres — all within the building.

We hope this gives you some insight to the various types of indoor job options. As you can see, even though the jobs are inside a building, you aren’t necessarily desk-bound. If you’re undecided on what to study, leave us a message and our friendly education advisor will guide you!

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