Eradicating Poverty Through Data: APU Secures Runner-Up in Datathon Competition 2023

Learn how data analysis earned these APU students a triumphant runner-up spot and an RM2,500 cash prize.

Updated 25 Oct 2023


In a thrilling achievement at the Malaysia Data Innovation Talent X DOSM Datathon 2023 (MDIT X DD 2023), Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU) clinched the runner-up spot, securing a well-deserved cash prize of RM2,500, as well as the Most Creative Award. 

Organised by Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) in collaboration with the Department of Statistics Malaysia, the competition is held every 2 years for students from public and private universities to cultivate data innovation skills and foster critical thinking in data analysis and problem-solving. This year, participants were required to apply their data analysis expertise to address complex issues in Malaysia based on 5 themes aligned with United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


APU’s team of BSc (Hons) in Software Engineering students, “The Guys”, crafted a dynamic dashboard to analyse the intricate relationship between economic inequality and poverty rates, which is in line with the SDG 1: No Poverty. They also explored the factors contributing to economic inequality in the country.

Team leader Chok Qi Yang noted, "We encountered several challenges, including difficulties in cleaning extensive datasets, identifying relationships for analysis, and sourcing appropriate datasets from multiple internet sources since significant data was scarce. For us, the best takeaway is that investing time in cleaning data ensures a smoother process for any data analysis project that follows." 


The team also implemented an additional drill-down feature on their dashboard, allowing them to zoom into different districts of each state in Malaysia. This feature set them apart and earned them the “Most Creative” accolade among the Top 10 finalists who competed during the live pitching event at Sasana Kijang Hall at the Central Bank Malaysia (Bank Negara Malaysia).

Mr. Mafas Raheem, a senior lecturer at APU and the team's mentor, commended their achievements, saying, "By skillfully applying their analytics skills and leveraging the socio-economic knowledge gained through extensive research, our students have demonstrated their exceptional pitching skills and their ability to tackle SDG-related problems, despite their background in software engineering." 

APU’s achievement is a powerful example of how young people can make a significant impact by applying their skills and knowledge to address complex societal issues. 

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