Ignite Your Curiosity at MCKL Science & IT Camp This 27 – 28 November 2023

Go on a 2-day learning adventure featuring hands-on lab experiments, block-based programming and design thinking workshops.

Updated 25 Oct 2023


If you're all about learning in a fun and engaging way, here’s your chance to explore the world of science and technology in a whole new light with Methodist College Kuala Lumpur (MCKL) Science & IT Camp.

This 27 – 28 November 2023, experience learning outside of the confines of classrooms and dive into a thrilling 2-day experience featuring lab adventures, block-based programming and design thinking workshops. With two tracks — ‘Science Track’ and ‘IT Track’ — to choose from, this is your opportunity to learn from experts, engage in immersive learning experiences and most importantly, participate in exciting hands-on activities. 

Can’t wait to join? Read on for more information. 

What you need to know

This workshop is open to all students who are Form 3 (or Grade 9) and above. To participate, you’ll need to choose either the ‘Science Track’ or the ‘IT Track’.

(a) Track A: Science Track (Explorers of the unknown

Roll up your sleeves and discover the wonders of science through hands-on lab experiments and exploration. The ‘Science Track’ features 2 key sessions — ‘Lab Adventures’ and ‘Discover the Universe’ which will guide you on a journey to explore chemistry, physics, biology and more. 

You will be provided with a learning bundle that consists of a lab coat, goggles, t-shirt, lab manual and a certificate of participation. 

In addition, there are also common sessions which are Design Thinking Workshops and Interdisciplinary Learning.

(b) Track B: IT Track (Inventors of the future)

Begin your coding adventure and learn how everyday objects connect and communicate to make our lives smarter and more efficient. The ‘IT Track’ consists of 2 sessions — ‘IoT Fundamentals’ and ‘Basic Programming’ where you’ll learn about Internet of Things (IoT) and also pick up Scratch, a user-friendly way to get started with basic programming, before moving on to advanced languages.

You will be provided with a learning bundle that consists of an IoT starter kit, IoT notes, t-shirt and certificate of participation. 

You’ll also join those in the ‘Science Track’ for common sessions such as Design Thinking Workshops and Interdisciplinary Learning. 

When and where?

  • Date: 27 – 28 November 2023 (Monday – Tuesday)
  • Time: 7.30am – 4pm 
  • Venue: Methodist College Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur
  • Fee: RM299 (or RM280 if you sign up by 27 Oct 2023)

The deadline for registration is 6 November 2023.

Click here to register now.

Why should you attend?

Experience learning with a dash of fun with MCKL’s Science & IT Camp as you get to:

  • Explore the fields of science and technology 
  • Participate in an array of activities such as coding and lab experiments 
  • Get valuable insights into the fields of science and technology
  • Develop teamwork abilities while fostering creativity and innovation skills

Discover the thrill of learning at MCKL’s Science and IT Camp. Register here or leave your details in the form below.

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