APU Elevates Geriatric Care in Service Solution Design Competition 2023

Explore APU's winning idea in the Service Solution Design Competition 2023, leading the way for a brighter future in elderly care.

Updated 16 Oct 2023


In a move to address the growing challenges associated with frailty in the elderly, Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU)’s Team Delta APU emerged as the second runner-up with a prize of 10,000 Baht in the Service Solution Design Competition 2023, hosted by Thailand’s Mahidol University International College (MUIC). 


The aim of the competition was to devise the best service solution to enhance the physical, mental and emotional well-being of elderly patients, in view of our rapidly ageing population that’s set to double from 12% to 22% between 2015 and 2050. 

Taking place in Nakhon Pathom Province, central Thailand, the event brought together over 30 talented individuals from diverse countries grouped into 9 teams. Team Delta APU consisted of 4 Bachelor of Engineering in Mechatronics Engineering with Honours students — Cajun Tai Ka Joon, Ang Jia Ze, Yong Shuet Li and Yip Jin Xiong. They developed an AI-integrated platform equipped with a camera capable of tracking the daily activities of the elderly without requiring them to wear any additional devices.

The teams were also challenged to incorporate a feasible business aspect, aesthetic packaging design and promotional value into their solutions. Team Delta APU's success was attributed not only to their innovative approach but also to their teamwork and collaboration. Each team member brought unique skills to the table, combining hardware design, software development and marketing strategy to create a well-rounded solution. 


Their project focused on comprehensive health monitoring, user-friendly interfaces and timely assistance during emergencies — all without the need for cumbersome wearable devices. This approach resonated with the judging panel, highlighting the importance of privacy and non-intrusiveness for elderly patients.


Participants in the competition had the opportunity to also gain firsthand experience by visiting geriatric medicine facilities and engaging in workshops, field observations and even a design thinking simulation workshop at the Siriraj Academic Center of Geriatric Medicine at Siriraj Hospital. Here, they donned back braces, knee braces, ankle weights and gloves, thereby stepping into the shoes, or rather, the world, of an elderly person during a simulation exercise. This immersive experience allowed them to better understand the geriatric care landscape.

Ir. Narendran Ramasenderan, Senior Lecturer of APU's School of Engineering (SoE) and head of Center for Research and Development of IoT (CREDIT), applauded the team's achievement, commenting, “CREDIT's students demonstrate a fervent dedication to refining their engineering skills to address vital social issues.”

The Service Solution Design Competition 2023 at MUIC showcased APU’s immense potential for innovative solutions in geriatric care management.

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