BERJAYA University College Champions Student Success with Exclusive Japanese Internship Opportunity

Meet the fantastic five from BERJAYA University College, geared up to embrace their internship opportunity at ANSA Okinawa Resort, Japan.

Updated 16 Oct 2023


BERJAYA University College is turning dreams into reality by fully sponsoring five exceptionally talented students for an internship at the prestigious ANSA Okinawa Resort in Japan. 


Spanning 20 weeks, from 11 September 2023 to 27 January 2024, the internship promises to be a transformative adventure for the students — both educationally and culturally — enabling them to gain invaluable industry experience, particularly in the nuances of Japanese hospitality known as omotenashi

Lee Oswald, who is pursuing a Diploma in Hotel Management, expresses his enthusiasm for the internship, stating, “BERJAYA University College played a pivotal role in connecting me to this exciting internship. I'm eagerly anticipating immersing myself in a new culture, meeting new people and exploring Japan. I aim to absorb the Japanese approach to hospitality and elevate my service standards.”


The intensive internship programme will expose the students to various aspects of resort management, including guest services, housekeeping operations, and food and beverage management. 

Bachelor of Culinary Arts student Hong Yau Zu is particularly ready to showcase his culinary talents in Japan. “At BERJAYA University College, the lecturers provided invaluable industrial experience, shaping my journey as a culinary and hospitality enthusiast. I'm eagerly looking forward to embracing Japanese kitchen styles, culture, cuisine and management practices.”

Tay Jia Li, another culinary arts degree student, is also looking forward to stepping out of her comfort zone. Jia Li credits BERJAYA’s lecturers for their invaluable mentorship and inspiration, especially amidst the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Similarly, Lim Yuen Teng, who is pursuing Bachelor of Hospitality Management, recounts her memorable time studying at BERJAYA University College. “As a Diploma student, I had the chance to do an internship at Colmar Tropicale, Berjaya Hills. Lecturer Mr. Ikram has been a constant source of guidance and support on my culinary and hospitality journey. I’m excited to learn about Japanese culture, make new friends and acquire new skills.”

Janice Chiu Shiao Thong, a Diploma in Hotel Management student, emphasises how BERJAYA’s hands-on methodology and top-tier facilities have prepared her for not just the internship and real-world challenges, but also fostered personal growth. “I'm excited and a bit nervous, but I'm taking a leap of faith to embark on this adventure. I look forward to the cultural exchange, learning a new language, making new friends and gaining hands-on experience.”


BERJAYA University College's sponsorship of these five exceptional students exemplifies a beacon of hope and inspiration, going the extra mile by providing invaluable opportunities for their students to learn, adapt and grow.

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