23 Annoying Things Asian Parents Say or Do

No matter how much you love and respect your parents, they have at some point in your life (or most of your life) said or did things that annoy you. See if these common things they say or do relate to you.

Updated 20 Jun 2019

23 Annoying Things Asian Parents Say or Do - Feature-Image

There’s no denying that Asian parents are strict — they certainly have a unique way of raising their children. With that being said, here is a list of annoying things Asian parents say or do that you will definitely relate to!

#1. Every time you use your phone, they say you’re being lazy

“Very free hor, always play phone  come help me!”

Sounds familiar? This is every Asian parent when they see you lazing around the house while using your phone. When they say this, you might be thinking “Ever heard of group assignment discussions on Whatsapp, mum?” Don’t worry, we feel you. We’re sure that’s exactly what you’re doing — half of the time.

#2. Knocks on bedroom door then opens the door before you can respond

What’s the purpose of knocking when they’re just gonna open the door anyway? Talk about privacy!

#3. Not knocking when coming into your room

Annoying Parents Traits-03- Not Knocking

What’s worse than knocking and opening your bedroom door immediately? Not knocking at all. Mums and dads, unless there’s a fire, all else can wait.

#4. Not closing your room door after they leave your room

We bet you get so annoyed with this that you want to pull your hair off sometimes. Closing the door halfway through doesn’t do anything, mum and dad! *Breathes heavily*

#5. “Every day go out, this house is not a hotel”

Have you ever come home from a fun night out only to see your mum sitting in the living room as soon as you open the front door? Then you’re probably familiar with the complaint above — which is often always followed by a lecture.

#6. Waking you up at 8am during a weekend

Annoying Parents Traits-06- Waking You Up Early

“Seriously, mum and dad?! It’s the only time we get to sleep in though. Why ruin our magical weekend unicorn dreams?” Ugh.

We feel you, being a morning person is tough.

#7. “When I die, no one’s gonna clean the house”

The subtle threat every Asian mum poses when she’s cleaning the house and claims that no one is helping her.

#8. Comparing you with other children

Mum and dads: “We’re Asians, not Bsians. Why can’t you get straight As like your cousin?”

#9. Sharing all sorts of news, videos and quotes on family group chats

Good morning quotes followed by Facebook videos are mums’ favourite. Sometimes the group chat gets so flooded you can’t even catch up —  and when your mum asks if you’ve watched the video, you know you’re doomed.

#10. Vacuuming while you’re sleeping

Annoying Parents Traits-10- Vacuuming While You Are Sleeping

Of all times of the day, mum’s favourite time to vacuum your room is when you’re sound asleep. Thanks mum.

#11. Asking questions that state the obvious

“You sleeping ah?” No, I’m meditating on my back. 

“Going out ah?” No, I’m going outside to sunbathe.

“Haven’t sleep ah?” No, I’m sleepwalking.

“Came back already ah?” No, you’re hallucinating.

“Just showered ah?” No, there was a thunderstorm in the bathroom.


#12. Declining help but complaining about it afterwards

When you ask your mum whether she needs help:

Mum: “No need, you’ll make things worse.”

You: “Ok then.” *walks away*

Mum (under her breath): “Nobody helps me in this house.”

You: ??!

#13. “Why is there hair on the floor?”

Have you ever wondered why mums need glasses for everything else but have perfect vision when it comes to spotting a strand of hair on the floor? Well, sorry, we don’t have the answer either —  this is a mystery that no one can solve.

#14. Dads mixing up your names

Annoying Parents Traits-14- Mixing Up Your Names

“Alex! Err...Adam! Ahh...Audrey!”

Come on dad, you have only 3 children.

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#15. Forgetting your age

“How old are you ah? 12 ah?”

Somehow, dads find it hard to remember your age — because you’ll always be a kid to them.

#16. Asking you too many questions before you go out

“Where are you going? Who are you going out with? How are you going? What time are you coming home? Why are you wearing a skirt? What is your friend’s contact number? What is your friend’s mother’s name? What is your friend’s cat’s name?”

#17. Expecting the house to be unrealistically spotless when guests are coming

If your parents are expecting guests, it should appear as if no one lives at home. In other words, every piece of furniture has to be picture-perfect. There should be no fingerprints on the glass, no footprints on the tiles and definitely no hair on the floor.

#18. Shouting for you when you’re not in the same room

Annoying Parents Traits-18- Shouting or You

We’re sure you’re familiar with that screaming game your parents play with you in the house, where they call for you and expect you to hear them even if you’re not in the same room. Somehow, it always ends with them scolding you for not attending to them immediately — even after your many attempts to respond to them.

#19. Talking to you when you have your earphones on

Parents should know by now that this is as good as talking to the wall. But, when you don’t answer them (because you can’t hear them), they say you’re disrespectful. *Sigh*

#20. Suddenly scream when you’re driving

This scenario has 2 possible causes — you’re either giving your mum a heart attack with your driving skills or your mum is giving you one with her overreacting.

#21. “You so young, why always tired?”

You’re not allowed to complain about being tired because you’re young. How is that fair?!

#22. Assuming every friend is your boyfriend / girlfriend

Annoying Parents Traits-22- Assuming Every Friend Is Your Bf or Gf

Asian parents’ favourite assumption — every guy or girl you take a picture with is your significant other (even if you’re in a group picture).

“Who is that? Why are you taking pictures together? Where is he / she from? What car does he / she drive? Why are you the only guy / girl in the picture? Why is he / she standing next you?”

#23. Giving random lectures

Parents are so unpredictable — when you show them a meme and expect them to find it funny, you could end up getting a one-hour lecture instead. Therefore, we can hypothesise that memes are betrayers. If you haven’t experienced this, don’t say you haven’t been warned.

Despite all this, we’re sure that you love your parents unconditionally and that you’ll always do what you can to make them proud. After all, they are the ones who know you best and they have cared and provided for you throughout your life, giving you advice when you need it the most.

Although Asian parents may not be the best at showing their love for you, having them around is the safest feeling in the world. So parents, if you’re reading this, don’t get offended, we still love you!

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