8 Best Fictional Moms From Books

From evil mothers to perfect mummies, we list some of our favourite literary mothers. Read more here.

Published 06 May 2020

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If it’s not on your radar yet, Mother’s Day is just around the corner! 

A special day dedicated to honouring all mothers as well as motherhood, maternal bonds and the influence of mothers in society, we take a look at some of our favourite ferocious mothers in fiction.

#1. Molly Weasley from the Harry Potter series

Best Fictional Moms-Molly Weasley

“You - will - never - touch - our - children - again!”

What better quote is there to perfectly illustrate the fearlessly loving, Molly Weasley? A mother of 8 children (yes, Harry is her child), Molly tries her best to be there for her family. In a war-ravaged world, she loves her children fearlessly, willing to do whatever it takes to ensure the safety of her loved ones. 

Honestly, it’s hard to understand why anyone would dislike such an amazing and powerful mother. 

#2. Margaret March from The Little Women

Best Fictional Moms-Margaret March 02

“Watch and pray, dear, never get tired of trying, and never think it is impossible to conquer your fault.”

If there’s an avatar for wholesome perfection, Margaret “Marmee” March is it. A vision of maternal love, Marmee is patient and understanding. She loves and supports her four daughters. always allowing them the freedom to make their own choices. 

Sure, some people may think she’s a tad too perfect, but we could all use a bit of Marmee every now and then.

#3. Rosa Hubermann from The Book Thief

Best Fictional Moms-Rosa Hubermann

"Saumensch. You call me Mama when you talk to me." 

Rosa Hubermann is the no-nonsense foster mother of Liesel, the protagonist of the book. Sharp-tongued and often harsh, her soft side is only revealed later in the book when she cares for the Jewish fist-fighter who had taken refuge in her basement.

Despite her temper and harsh attitude, Rosa loves and cares for her family deeply by providing for them and giving them support.  

#4. Ma from Room

Best Fictional Moms-Ma

"I think what babies want is mostly to have their mothers right there."

While she remained unnamed throughout the novel, there’s no denying the love Ma has for her son, Jack. Kept captive by her abductor, she tries her best to make that small room his whole world. When they finally escape captivity, she helps Jack adapt to their new world and while she does stumble a bit, they end up finding their own happy ending.  

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#5. Cersei Lannister from Game of Thrones

Best Fictional Moms-Cersei Lannister

“Love no one but your children; on that front a mother has no choice.” 

Cersei Lannister is all kinds of evil. But a bad mother, she is not. As much as we love to hate her, part of the reason why it’s so easy to adore her is the fact that she is fiercely protective of her children. Every evil thing she’s done, she does it for them. 

While Cersei is no doubt a full-on villain, you can’t help but admire the ferocity of her love for her children. 

#6. Sara Fitzgerald from My Sister’s Keeper

Best Fictional Moms-Sara Fitzgerald

“Oh Anna, how can you not know how much I love you?”

Sara is the main villain in the book, in that, she’s the one standing in the way of her daughter’s goal — emancipation. However, it’s hard not to feel bad for her. Faced with the hard decision of subjecting her younger daughter to countless surgeries in order to save her cancer-ridden older daughter, she has to go through what, thankfully, not a lot of mothers have to.

Sara perfectly captures all the different layers of what being a mother truly means and for that, she deserves a spot on our list.  

#7. Jessica Honey from Matilda

Best Fictional Moms-Jessica Honey

“I know you are only a tiny little girl, but there is some kind of magic in you somewhere. I’ve seen it with my own eyes.”

Growing up with neglectful parents, Matilda finds a maternal figure in her kind and loving school teacher, Miss Honey. Jessica, as a teacher, encourages and helps Matilda to reach her full potential. She becomes a haven for the often neglected Matilda. In fact, Matilda ends up living with her at the end of the book, where they live happily ever after. 

Miss Honey reminds us of the most important message of all — motherhood and love can transcend biological ties. 

#8. Marisa Coulter from His Dark Materials trilogy

Best Fictional Moms-Marisa Coulter

“But I love Lyra. Where did this love come from? I don't know; it came to me like a thief in the night, and now I love her so much my heart is bursting with it.”

Marisa Coulter, commonly referred to as Mrs Coulter, is cruel and ruthless, often appearing as the villain of the story. In the beginning, she is a calculating woman, often using her connections to gain more power. However, in the latter part of the story, she finds herself torn between her quest for power and knowledge with her affection for her daughter, Lyra. 

Ultimately, she proves her love for Lyra by sacrificing her own life to take down Metatron and, in part, give her daughter a fighting chance to win. 

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that mothers are the foundation of the world. This Mother’s Day, let’s take a moment to celebrate the strong women who have acted as a maternal figure to us.

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