13 Ways to Make Your University Experience Totally Epic

Your university life doesn’t have to be just about books and studies. You can transform it into an unforgettable adventure with these 13 ways.

Updated 25 Aug 2020

13 Ways to Make Your University Experience Totally Epic - Feature-Image

Do you spend all of your university days buried in books and worrying about your grades? Don’t. There’s more to university life than studying. In fact, not enjoying the other social aspects of university is one of the top things graduates regret.

Here are some fun and exciting ways to splash colour to your university experience and make memories you’ll never forget. 

#1. Organise a late-night picnic

Epic Uni Life-Organise a late-night picnic-2

Grab a mat, prowl the FamilyMart aisles for some snacks and have a late-night picnic with your closest friends. As the night progresses, you’ll bond over assignment woes, relationship dilemmas and philosophical life questions you never thought you'd discuss. For some reason, 2am conversations always get deep and honest, making this a night you’ll remember for years.

#2. Take a selfie at the highest point on campus

Every campus has that one tall building. Head on over to the highest reachable spot (that’s safe!) and take a dope selfie in commemoration. You can get a couple of friends to tag along and enjoy the stunning view of campus together. 

#3. Discover the best and cheapest food around campus

Epic uni life-food

As a student who’s always on a budget, it’s probably one of your life’s goals to hunt down food that’s not only mouth-watering, but also cheap. Make it a quest to try every stall and cafe on campus, especially those located in other faculty buildings. Who knows, you may be rewarded with some hidden gems. 

Too easy? Venture further outside of campus and sample food from kopitiams and food trucks. And no, we’re not talking about the trendy food trucks with Mexican tacos but your neighbourhood pisang goreng, soya bean and cendol

#4. Explore every nook and cranny of your campus

Take a stroll of your campus grounds and discover hidden hallways and staircases. You’ll never know what you’ll find as you explore various buildings and floors — shortcuts around campus, secluded study locations and insta-worthy spots. For bonus points, gather some friends from various disciplines and create your own scavenger hunt. 

#5. Watch a movie using a classroom projector

Epic uni life-classroom projector

Have some time between classes? Sneak into an empty classroom (or lecture hall) and connect your laptop to the projector. Now, sit back and enjoy your own cinematic experience.

#6. Rent a car and go on an adventure

To spice things up, go on a crazy exploration trip with your friends by renting a car and visiting cool and unexplored places around the country. Hike up to the Lepoh Waterfalls in Hulu Langat, enjoy a dip at the Kanching Waterfall at Templar’s Park or take a stroll at the Selangor Natural Park in Kuala Selangor. There are so many undiscovered attractions in Malaysia for you to explore!

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#7. Get to know the urban legends of your campus

If you’re studying in a university with decades of history, read up about its past events and seek out some creepy campus ghost stories that are bound to have made their way to present times. While we’re not advocating the belief of all things supernatural, the rumours must have started somewhere, no? 

#8. Start a big cooking project with your housemates

If you’ve had a stressful week, have a go at cooking — it's therapeutic and may be just the break you need. Get your housemates together and start creating some homemade pasta topped with your own modified special pasta sauce with a side of delectable gigantic brownies. This way, you’ll also get to bond with your housemates and have a hearty meal at the end of the day.

#9. Rent a bike with your friends and go cycling around campus

Epic uni life-cycling

Some campuses are so big that they have a bicycle rental service just for you! Take the opportunity to explore the entire place with friends and feel the wind in your face on a nice cloudy evening.

#10. Learn a new language

Did you know that studying a new language can increase focus, prevent brain diseases and improve your math skills? There are so many ways you can do this in your free time. When listening to your favourite songs, search the meaning of the lyrics or learn phrases when you watch TV shows and movies. You can even try signing up for foreign language courses offered at your university.

#11. Stay overnight at the 24-hour room

Epic uni life-24 hr room

Pulling all-nighters in university is almost a rite of passage. Despite your best efforts in planning ahead, there’s bound to be a time where you’ll need to stay up all night to finish an assignment. Instead of doing it all alone at home under waning motivation levels, gather a bunch of your best mates for a late-night session on campus and power through together. 

The best part? There’s no way you’ll miss your 8am class as you’re already on campus! 

#12. Check out shows and performances on campus

Whether it’s a full-blown play, a mini concert or a dance recital, chances are that there are plenty of events being organised on campus. Take the opportunity to attend them when you can as a way to unwind and broaden your perspective. 

#13. Volunteer and help others

Epic Uni Life-volunteer

It’s said that the secret to happiness is by helping others. You can gain that by taking the time to join volunteer programmes held by your university. You may be put on a mission to repaint a school or teach B40 children how to read but what’s for certain is that by giving back, you’ll gain a deeper sense of perspective and gratitude for yourself and to society. 

Now that you know how to make your university experience a blast, why not discover these budget ways to have fun?

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