13 Brainy Celebrities and their College Degrees [Infographic]

Take a look and be flabbergasted at some pretty big names and what they were grinding while they were in college.

Updated 08 Jun 2016

13 Brainy Celebrities and their College Degrees Infographic - Feature-Image

From Kermit the Frog (Honorary Doctorate of Amphibious Letters) and Kanye West (Honorary Doctorate from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago) to Orlando Bloom (Honorary Degree from University of Kent), it seems nearly every wildly-famous-celebrities now owns an honorary doctorate. But how many can boast they bagged the degree in their fields without that “honorary” disclaimer?

Rowan Atkinson (a.k.a Mr. Bean) with his Masters in Electrical Engineering and Natalie Portman with her Degree in Psychology are amongst the celebrities who moonlight as brainiacs – offering beauty and brains (#lifeisnotfair). Yes, even a Kardashian went to college too.

Beyond gracing award shows and red carpet events, we’ve rounded up a group of smarty-pants-stars who are secretly masquerading as nerds in the world of academia (read: A-listers who dreaded final weeks just like you).

Take a look and be flabbergasted at some A-listers and what they were studying while they were in college.

Infographic > Famous Celebrities

Chances are, we’ll never make it as big as these celebrities, but believe it or not, they were dragging their feet back home from campus with stacks of books and rolling out of bed at 2am to half-heartedly finish off an assignment.

From actors, musicians, sports players to public figures, these famous figures studied subjects that have no relevance to their careers today. While choosing your college programme is vital, remember this decision doesn’t necessarily define you or your career path.

Will all that said, choosing a right Degree is still important. If you are still undecided, then check out these 5 simple steps to choosing the right Degree!

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