12 Successful Malaysians Who Studied Abroad in Australia

Planning to pursue your studies in Australia? Let these 12 successful Malaysians who have studied in Australia be a source of motivation for you.

Published 13 Jul 2017

12 Successful Malaysians Who Studied in Australia - Feature-Image

Australia has been one of the top destinations to study abroad for many Malaysian students over the years.

The number of students who opt to pursue their studies Down Under has also been gradually increasing, churning out successful individuals that have been making their mark both locally and globally.

If you’re an aspiring student looking to carve a future for yourself with an education from Australia, then let these 12 distinguished individuals be a source of motivation for you to get to a prestigious Australian education.

12 Famous Malaysian Who Have Studied Abroad in Australia - Infographic-0112 Famous Malaysian Who Have Studied Abroad in Australia - Infographic-02

(Illustration by Yazmyn Khairuddin)

There is no denying that studying abroad can be a great avenue for personal growth, allowing you to broaden your perspective and pick up the soft skills you need to thrive in this global working environment.

Now, we are not saying that you can only be successful with an education in Australia. After all, there are many other famous Malaysians who have obtained their education on local soil as well.

What’s more important is to take learning with great enthusiasm and passion. Work hard, keep learning and be versatile. You will definitely be able to go far.

Want to study abroad in Australia? Find out what you need to know with our comprehensive Study in Australia guide here.

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