You’ll Love These Universities Around the World That Have Free Tuition Fees

Want to study your degree for free? Check out this list of countries with universities that offer free tuition.

Published 06 Nov 2019

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Affordable education is certainly on everyone’s mind in today’s costly world.

If you have your mind set on studying abroad but are on a budget, consider these universities that offer free tuition fees for international students!

#1. Germany

Worldwide Universities with Free Tuition-Germany

Germany is a top choice when it comes to providing free knowledge to students worldwide. As the leader of the European Union (EU) and one of the largest economies in the world, Germany believes in providing free tertiary education as “a public good to train specialists''.

Funded by its federal states, Germany’s public universities do not charge any tuition fees. And luckily for you, it isn’t just limited to German or EU students — education is free for international students too, who often flock to Germany for degrees in engineering and natural sciences (e.g. physics, chemistry).

Although tuition fees are free, you will need to pay a fee of approximately €250 (RM1,150) each semester that goes to resources such as the student affairs organisation, library, IT infrastructure, student events and public transport. In addition, you must also be proficient in German as classes will be conducted in the country’s national language.

While free tertiary education is certainly attractive, it’s crucial to take note of the cost of living. On average, you can expect to spend €850 (RM3,900) each month on living expenses, with the bulk of it going to rent.

#2. Norway

Worldwide Universities with Free Tuition-Norway

Known for beautiful fjords, breathtaking mountains and its midnight sun (where the sun can still be seen at midnight), Norway is also home to free education for Norwegians and international students. The majority of Norwegian universities receive public funding as the country has a strong tradition of equality, which means offering everyone equal educational opportunities.

While most undergraduate degrees are taught in Norwegian, there are numerous programmes where English is the medium of instruction. Nonetheless, being proficient in the Norwegian language will certainly enhance your university experience.

Free tuition fees aside, do note that living costs in Norway are considerably high and you are expected to demonstrate the financial ability to support yourself as part of your student visa application. On average, you will need to budget approximately NOK12,122 (RM5,500) per month to cover lodging, food, transport and student welfare fees.

#3. Iceland

Worldwide Universities with Free Tuition-Iceland

With a population of just over 360,000 (about the same as Kuantan), this tiny country packs a punch. Known as The Land of Ice and Fire, it is home to some of the largest glaciers in Europe as well as some of the world’s most active volcanoes.

In addition to its stunning natural wonders, you’ll be pleased to know that Iceland’s five public universities do not have tuition fees. However, you will have to pay a registration or administration fee of approximately ISK75,000 (RM2,500) each year. The medium of instruction for most undergraduate courses is in the Icelandic language.

Living expenses in Iceland is, unfortunately, on the high side. You are advised to budget about ISK189,875 (RM6,300) a month for housing, food and transport, although this can differ depending on your lifestyle.

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#4. Czech Republic

Worldwide Universities with Free Tuition-Czech Republic

Not a fan of ice and glaciers? If you’re into exploring castles, medieval buildings and rich architecture while pursuing your education, perhaps Czech Republic is the place for you!

Higher education at public and state institutions is free — regardless of nationality — as long as you study programmes that are conducted in the Czech language. Similar to the other countries in this list, you may be required to pay some form of administration fee, depending on the university.

The cost of living in Czech Republic is arguably more affordable than most of Europe. You can expect to spend about USD350 – USD750 (RM1,500 – RM3,100) each month on accommodation, meals, transport and other miscellaneous expenses.

#5. Argentina

Worldwide Universities with Free Tuition-Argentina

Outside of Europe, South America’s Argentina offers plenty of opportunities for you to study for free while sampling its quality beef, exploring its beautiful beaches and learning to tango.

Argentina’s public universities, such as the University of Buenos Aires, are free for both Argentinians and international students. The medium of instruction is Spanish, which you will need to pick up in order to be accepted.

Compared to Europe and North America, the cost of living in Argentina is considerably cheaper, although it is one of the more expensive countries in South America. It would be wise to budget approximately USD1,000 (RM4,000) a month for all your expenses, although it can vary greatly depending on where you live.

It’s good to know that there are a number of universities around the world that offer free tuition fees, regardless of race, religion and nationality. Although the notion of “free” is certainly tempting, don’t forget to take into account the cost of living as that can hike up the price tag of your education. Good luck!

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