College Life Sucks. Here Are 7 Reasons Why This College Will Make It Better.

College may be hard work, but it could be one of the most exciting times of your life. Here are 7 reasons why you’ll be in for a lacklustre college experience if you don’t study at this college.

Updated 27 Apr 2022

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How would you like to sail through college and achieve a string of As #likeaboss, all while enjoying exciting extracurricular activities, such as paintball, outdoor adventures and performing arts?

Sounds too good to be true?

Well, we’re here to tell you why Taylor’s College can be your ultimate playground for both study and play.

#1. Learn and play on a campus that's full of life

Taylors college lakeside campus - 1 Chill out by a 2.5 football fields size lake

No one does “work hard, play harder” than Taylor’s.

Take a break from your books and stop by the on-campus mall where you can sample from Western, Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese fare or pop by Family Mart — the trendy Japanese convenience store for a delightful matcha soft serve in between lectures. Grab a steamy hot chocolate on a rainy day at the nearby Starbucks outlet or take refuge from the heat with a delectable dessert at the Magnum café — all at a stone’s throw from your classes.

And if you haven’t noticed, the gorgeous campus features a huge 5.5 acre man-made lake located smack in the middle of its campus grounds, making it the perfect chill out location when you need a break from your studies. You might even spot a cute duck or two!

#2. Watch your favourite movies in the library

Taylors college lakeside campus - 2 Watch movies in the library

The Taylor’s monster library facility comprises of not one, not two but a spectacular four storeys! While the library is stocked with enough material and a 24-hour study room to satisfy even the biggest nerd, don’t be surprised to find more than just books here.

Get ready to become the object of envy among your friends as the library is equipped with a mini theatre that screens some of your favourite films, complete with bean bags and uber comfy chairs for a cool cinematic experience. Additionally, its Mac labs are great for a Netflix binge your research assignments. With state-of-the-art technology in every nook and cranny, you'll have bragging rights for days! How awesome is that?

#3. Forget boring classrooms

Taylor’s college lakeside campus - 3 Forget boring classrooms

Missed a class because you were sick? Or can’t keep up with a lecture? The Taylor’s Lecture Capture System (ReWIND) is equipped at all lecture theatres and automatically records lectures so you can review them online later.

Its X-Space Collaborative Classroom is pretty cool too. A transformation from the traditional classroom, it’s decked out with numerous TV sets, round tables and swivel chairs, where you’ll be clustered in hubs instead of being seated in rows facing your lecturer. This makes learning more interactive as you engage in discussions with your group mates.

#4. Run, shoot and score — enjoy every kind of sporting experience unlike anywhere else

Taylors college lakeside campus - 4 Run, shoot and soar

Sports enthusiasts rejoice! Taylor’s is home to an on-campus swimming pool and some 16 different sports clubs, from futsal and basketball to dodgeball and frisbee. Its Sports and Recreation Centre also organises lots of outdoor activities including kayaking and camping.  

If physical activity isn’t your thing, fret not! Taylor’s also has a virtually endless selection of clubs and societies, ranging from Robotics Club to Han Guk Club.

So, if you thought you’d have to spend 99% of your time at college hidden under a growing pile of assignments, think again!

#5. Hang out with students from over 80 different countries

Taylors college lakeside campus - 5 Hang out with students from different countries

This campus houses both its college and university under one roof, giving rise to an incredibly diverse student population with students from about 80 different countries and multiple levels of study. This means that you get to make friends and network with students from all walks of life for a richer college experience!

The Taylor’s community also includes an exceptional team of support staff at the Campus Central and Career and Psychological Counselling Centre to make you feel right at home from the first day.

#6. Feeling lost? Get step-by-step guidance for your degree

Taylors college lakeside campus - 6 Get guidance for your degree

As a Taylorian, the Taylor’s Placement Centre will ensure you undergo a seamless transition into your desired degree programme.

Their warm and friendly counsellors will talk you through your university options. Rest assured that you’ll be in good hands, as they have guided students into reputable international universities such as Harvard University, University of Cambridge and University of Melbourne!

#7. Be part of a heritage of excellence

Taylors college lakeside campus - 7 Be part of a heritage of excellence

Taylor’s College’s students have amassed a large number of accolades throughout the years. Some of their pride and joy include:

  • Cambridge A Levels: 135 “Top in the World” Cambridge Learner Awards since 2012
  • SAM/SACE International: Over 2,417 students achieving an ATAR of 80.00 and above
  • Over 250 students have gone on to attend the world’s top 50 universities

So, by enrolling in Taylor’s College, you’ll not only grow with a community of high-achievers, but you’ll also develop the knowledge and skills that will help you succeed in the future!  

There you have it — 7 things you’ll miss out on if you decide to give Taylor’s College a pass when deciding where to complete your pre-university programme. Your years in college are sure to be some of the most memorable moments of your life and will play a crucial role in preparing you for university, so consider all your options thoroughly and choose wisely!

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