Which Type of Bubble Tea Drinker Are You?

Are you obsessed with everything bubble tea? Find out which type of boba tea drinker you are!

Updated 01 Jul 2019

Which Type of Bubble Tea Drinker Are You? - Feature-Image

Did you know that the average Malaysian drinks about 3 cups of bubble tea a month? That’s nearly one every week! It’s no surprise since the bubble tea wave has once again hit the local shore. So, if you’re absolutely crazy about bubble tea, read on to discover which type of bubble tea drinker you are.

#1. The one who is extremely patient

Types of Bubble Tea Drinker-The Patient One V2

With so many bubble tea stores sprouting into existence in Malaysia, this is the best time for you to get your bubble tea (BBT) fix. Every time you visit a bubble tea outlet, there’s sure to be a long queue of people who are just as thirsty for BBT, but you’re patient and don’t mind waiting in line. You’re willing to wait as long as necessary just to get your hands on your beloved beverage. Talk about loyaltea!

#2. The one who always craves bubble tea

Types of Bubble Tea Drinker-Always Craving For Bubble Tea

If it’s a sweltering day on campus, you’re likely to be craving the milky and chewy goodness of this sweet and icy drink. But sometimes, simply walking pass a BBT stall is enough to tempt you. You can’t help it. You’re a bubble tea addict who seems to have an endless craving for BBT, even in the middle of the night!

#3. The kiamsiap (stingy) one

Types of Bubble Tea Drinker-The Stingy One

You’re hanging out with your friends at the mall and one of you decides to pop the question, “Who wants to get bubble tea?”. Almost everyone agrees, except for that one person who always says “No, I don’t feel like having bubble tea”. Fast forward to when everyone has their delicious BBT drink in hand, your friend who didn’t order one comes close and says “Can I have a sip?” but always ends up drinking more than a sip. How annoying!

#4. The one who is health conscious

Types of Bubble Tea Drinker-The Health Conscious One

Bubble tea, when consumed excessively may lead to unexpected gain weight. This is no surprise since the innocent-looking bobas in your BBT are loaded with starch while the milk-based drink contains lots of sugar and fat. However, that’s not going to stop you if you’re a health-conscious bubble tea drinker. You’ll still order your favourite bubble tea — but with no milk, less sugar and less ice. Basically, less everything.

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#5. The one who is environmentally conscious

Types of Bubble Tea Drinker-The Environmentally Conscious

Plastic pollution is a looming issue that’s affecting the planet every day. Unfortunately, the bubble tea craze in Malaysia hasn’t helped and has contributed to a surplus of plastic waste due to the use of single-use plastic cups and straws.

However, as an eco-conscious bubble tea drinker, you know that your love for BBT doesn’t have to be at the expense of mother nature. All you need to do is bring along your own reusable glass bottle and metal straw (applause). So, if you’re doing this and putting in effort to help save the environment from more waste, good job!

#6. The one who plays it safe

Types of Bubble Tea Drinker-The Play Safe

When it comes to ordering a BBT drink, everyone has their go-to order. Some prefer their bobas in milk tea or green milk tea while others prefer fruit tea. Not to mention, there’s also the latest craze to opt for: steamboat bubble tea in Penang! Then, you get to pick your favourite toppings such as the regular pearls, the popping bobas, pudding, coconut jelly, aloe vera and more.

But, as the boring safe bubble tea drinker, the only flavour you ever order is the classic milk tea — without the bobas (say what?)!

#7. The all-knowing connoisseur

Types of Bubble Tea Drinker-The All-knowing Connoisseur

Do you enjoy taste-testing BBT from different bubble tea stores, as soon as they pop up in town? Can you differentiate the flavours of each BBT and figure out which ones are the best?

Congratulations, you’re the bubble tea connoisseur among your friends! You know every single bubble tea store and flavour by heart and sometimes, your friends even come to you for advice about which BBT flavour they should try.

There you have it, 7 types of bubble tea drinkers you might be able to relate to. Let us know which bubble tea drinker you are in the comments below!

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