Which of These Kick-Ass Superheroes Match Your Personality?

Have you ever wondered which superhero you relate to the most as a student? Batman? Is it Spider-Man or maybe Wonder Woman? Find out who here!

Updated 22 Feb 2019

Which Kick-Ass Superhero Matches Your Personality? - Feature-Image

As a child, have you ever played make-believe with your friends and pretended that you have superpowers inspired by your favourite superhero cartoons?

If this rings a bell, you may be keen to discover which DC or Marvel superhero you relate to the most as a student. Check out these personality profiles of popular superheroes to find out!

Disclaimer: As there are varied versions of the superhero series, your perception of each superhero may be different from what is written here.

#1. Superman

Which Superhero Are Your-Superman

Superman is possibly the most recognised icon in the realm of superheroes. He has super strength, speed, flight and is basically invulnerable — except when kryptonite is near. With his incredible powers, he could have easily conquered or destroyed planet earth if he wished, yet, he remains a humble and kindhearted being with high regards to moral values.

As a student, you’re probably a top scorer who has consistently passed your exams with flying colours. Unsurprisingly, you’re also an all-rounder who excels in your extra-curricular activities in school. This has made you a popular student who has many admirers. Regardless, you do not brag about your achievements and are always willing to help your friends who need your guidance.

#2. Batman

Which Superhero Are Your-Batman

Batman, the secret identity of Bruce Wayne, is the vigilante of Gotham City. After witnessing the murder of his parents, Batman was deeply traumatised and swore to rid the city off any criminal activities. A lone wolf, he is also pessimistic, suspicious and trusts few. Despite his dark history, he believes in humanity and seeks vengeance in the name of justice.

As a student, you are independent and prefer to keep to yourself. You’re never keen on partying on Friday nights as you always try to avoid the crowd. Although introverted, you are confident, a good leader and have a small group of friends whom you trust the most. You are also very analytical and prefer to follow facts to avoid making the wrong decisions.

#3. Wonder Woman

Which Superhero Are Your-Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is the perfect embodiment of strong women — she is fierce, powerful and at the same time loving and caring. Born in Paradise Island, this immortal Amazon princess was granted the strength of Demeter, the wisdom and courage of Athena and the beauty of Aphrodite, among other great abilities and traits.

As a student, you have high self-esteem and possess a great level of determination, often getting things done your way. You’re also always getting good grades, which makes you an admirable person among other students in your year. As a peace-loving person, you prefer to straighten things out in a diplomatic manner when dealing with conflicts among your friends.

#4. Spider-Man

Which Superhero Are Your-Spiderman

Peter Benjamin Parker was the typical 15-year-old geek who acquired his superpowers and became Spider-Man after being bitten by a radioactive spider. Another wounded soul, Spider-Man assumed his obligation as a superhero to save the world after the tragic death of his Uncle Ben. He is often known to be humorous even at times of trouble.

As a student, you’re probably slightly shy and awkward when interacting with people. But, when push comes to shove, you know how to be strategic to overcome your obstacles and have no problem coming up with creative ideas for your school projects. Among your clique, your wittiness and good sense of humour make you fun to be around.

#5. Batgirl (2003)

Which Superhero Are Your-Batgirl

Batgirl, or better known as Barbara Gordon, was an outstanding computer science student and a librarian with a Master’s Degree. Although petite in size, her desire to join the police force moved her to become athletically inclined through intense physical training. Unfortunately, she did not meet the height requirements to be in law enforcement. Eventually, her admiration for Batman led her to become a vigilante.

As a student, you are relentless in your pursuit of excellence. People tend to doubt your skills but you never let the naysayers pull you down. You may also be petite in size, but your vocal personality makes up for it. You aren’t afraid of challenges, which makes you a competitive student in whatever area you decide to pursue.

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#6. The Flash

Which Superhero Are Your-The Flash

The Flash (Barry Allen), is a forensic scientist and the fastest man on earth who acquired his speedy power accidentally. It all began one night while he was conducting an experiment in the laboratory when suddenly a lightning bolt struck through the window and shattered a chemical cabinet, releasing the electrified chemicals onto Barry. From then on, he gained incredible speed and could think very quickly.

You’re a smart science nerd who loves creating new experiments. As a student, you’re very efficient and always get your homework and assignments done as soon as possible, disregarding the term ‘procrastination’. Although your classmates may complain about you for reminding the teachers about deadlines, they will always want to be on your team when it comes to quizzes because you always win.

#7. Jean Grey

Which Superhero Are Your-Jean Grey

Jean Grey is one of the core members of the X-Men. She is able to read minds, project thoughts into people’s heads and levitate inanimate objects and living beings, including herself. Warm, loving and passionate, Grey doesn’t hesitate to help those in need; humans or mutants.

As a student, you’re an excellent public speaker who always does well in presentations. You’re also kind to your classmates and do not mind helping students who have problems in their studies. This is why your friends see you as selfless, empathetic and idealistic. You have big dreams for your future and believe that everyone can succeed if they work hard enough.

#8. Iron Man

Which Superhero Are Your-Iron Man

Tony Stark, the person behind Iron Man, is a suave witty billionaire who has a flair for developing innovative inventions. Using his technological abilities, he designed a special armour suit to keep himself alive after a severe injury. The suit gave him incredible strength and power. Although he can be a little egoistic, deep down, he does care about others and wants to do good.

As a student, you’re extremely extroverted and love to have a good time with your classmates. Thanks to your creativity and courage, you are not afraid to voice your opinions or ideas. You’re rather carefree but still try your best to maintain good grades in your studies. Thankfully, your close buddies are always around to keep you grounded.

There you have it, 8 superheroes with 8 different personalities — who is your favourite and which one do you relate to the most? Tell us in the comments below!

Didn’t match with any of these superhero personalities? Check out these personality types to find out your strengths instead!

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