Which Job Has the Highest Starting Salary in Malaysia in 2017?

Which fresh graduate jobs in Malaysia have the highest starting salary? Find the answers in this infographic.

Updated 16 May 2019

Highest Fresh Graduate Salary in Malaysia 2017 - Feature-Image
We have updated the highest fresh graduate salaries for 2018! Find out how much you should be earning in 2018 here.

If you’re a graduate fresh out of university, you’re probably wondering what your first pay cheque would look like. And with widespread reports of millennials demanding starting salaries as high as RM6,500, you certainly don’t want to start off on the wrong foot with your potential employer.

So what’s a realistic number? Based on JobStreet Malaysia’s 2017 Salary Report, salaries for entry level positions can start as low as RM800 to as high as RM5,533. On average, however, fresh graduates can expect a starting salary between RM1,800 to RM2,600.

But not all jobs are created equal. JobStreet’s Salary Report indicates that certain job functions demand higher basic salaries than others.

So which jobs have a higher starting pay and which ones have a better salary progression?

Find the answers in our infographic below.

Fresh Graduate Salary in Malaysia - Infographic AFresh Graduate Salary in Malaysia - Infographic B

(Illustration by Yazmyn Khairuddin)
Disclaimer: All salary data was aggregated from JobStreet’s 2017 Salary Report. Job demand analysis was obtained from JobStreet Malaysia and Critical Occupations List from TalentCorp. Note that actual salaries may vary depending on various factors, including market demand and supply, your skill and academic grades, location as well as industry. For further salary breakdown by state and industry, please check out JobStreet’s 2017 Salary Report.

Remember that salary should just be one of the many factors when choosing your first employer. Prioritise learning and gaining experience, and always look at long-term career growth. If you excel in your career, you will eventually see substantial gains in your income as you cement your footing in the workforce.

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