What's After SPM: Plan A, B or C?

Still thinking about your action plan after SPM? Our comprehensive guide will help you choose the best option for you.

Updated 31 Mar 2021

What's After SPM: Plan A, B or C? - Feature-Image

After happily coasting along for the past 11 years as a student, having to choose a future path for yourself before you even turn 18 isn't just daunting — it's a jolt to the system.

You're now supposed to make a crucial decision that will shape your entire future, and you're expected to make this decision almost immediately, even as the ink on your SPM paper is still drying. 

If all of this is making you anxious, don't worry. We've got the perfect guide to show you all the options you have after SPM and help you find the right path. 

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#Plan A: Begin college or university

Step-by-Step Guide After SPM-Pre-U

Decided to take the academic path right after SPM? Here are some of the essential things to consider:

(a) Have an end goal in mind

Before diving right in with your further studies, it's crucial to think about what you ultimately want to achieve. Are you an aspiring doctor or a fashion designer in the making? Are you aiming to rise to the top of the corporate ladder or to launch an innovative tech startup? 

Having a clear end goal will guide your decisions on what programmes to consider and what skills you need to develop. 

(b) Be sure to research various programmes and pathways

Universities offer a myriad of programmes and pathways that can lead to different careers. Make sure to take the time to explore these options. Look into the curriculum, the opportunities for practical experience and how well they align with your career aspirations.

Consider other factors too like the faculty's experience, study abroad opportunities, potential professional certifications and the university's industry partners.

(c) Choose the right university

The choice of university can significantly impact your university experience and career prospects. While rankings and reputation can be a good tool to start with, you'll want to consider other aspects too such as campus environment and culture, campus facilities and student services, as well as the location and its accessibility. 

It may also be good to speak to current students or alumni to get an insider perspective. So don't be afraid to book a campus visit and go for Open Days to get a feel of the university.

Remember, the right university for you is one that not only offers a strong programme in your field of interest but also supports your personal and professional growth.

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#Plan B: Get a part-time job

Step-by-Step Guide After SPM-Work

Not keen on continuing your studies so quickly? Perhaps you'd rather gain some part-time working experience before you go back to the drill of being a student. 

Well, you're in luck! This is the perfect time to pick up a part-time job to gain some life experience that you won't necessarily get in the classroom. Plus, working part-time translates to serious cash in your bank account. What's not to like?

If selling is a key skill you want to develop, try your hand at being a promoter or a sales assistant. Donning a barista’s apron is also a good one as you’ll learn how to interact with different types of people. And if you love social media, companies are always looking for talent to create digital content and videos. 

Regardless of which job you choose, experiencing a part-time job will lay the foundation for good character and work ethics, which will come in useful in the future.

#Plan C: Take a gap year

Step-by-Step Guide After SPM-Gap Year

Okay, so you prefer to spend some time finding yourself instead of studying or working. Not to worry, it's good to make the most of your carefree days while you still have them!

Taking a gap year to travel the world or volunteer for a worthy cause are both good ideas which will broaden your worldview and open your mind to different perceptions. You could also get serious about developing your skill set, so say hello to improving your baking, coding or anything else you can think of!

However, remember to be a realist and decide on a concrete plan after your gap year is over. After all, all play and no work makes Jack a mere toy.

Now that you’re aware of all the choices you can make after SPM, we hope you’re better informed to pick the best option for you! That brief window of time after SPM and before your next phase of life starts is a precious one, so go forth and maximise it the best way you can. Good luck and all the best!

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