8 Ways to Break Free From a Boring Lifestyle

Tired of living a boring daily routine? Try these 8 ways to infuse excitement into your life!

Updated 06 May 2019

8 Ways to Break Free From a Boring Lifestyle - Feature-Image

Study. Eat. Sleep. Repeat.

Does performing repetitive tasks on a daily basis make you feel uninspired? Do you wish to break free from your monotonous daily routine and lead a more fulfilling lifestyle? Well, there’s no need to wish for a lamp genie to switch up your life — all it takes is some extra effort and a tinge of motivation to get started.

Check out these 8 ways you can escape your boring daily routine!

#1. Be a superhero by doing voluntary work

Ways To Make Your Life More Exciting-Be A Superhero

Excessive use of social media has been found to have negative effects, so why not put your smartphone aside and do something meaningful instead?

Doing charity work is a great alternative and there are so many different things you can do: donating to the poor, visiting the elderly, spending time at an orphanage, helping out at a recycling centre and so much more. It has also been proven that performing acts of charity can actually make you feel good, so you’ll be helping both yourself and others.

If you’d like to try this out and do something extraordinary with your life, here are 14 causes that need your help.

#2. Pleasantly surprise someone once a week

Ways To Make Your Life More Exciting-Pleasantly Surprise Someone

We often reserve gifts or surprises for festivities and special occasions, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Imagine if every single person on earth did something nice for someone at least once a week — for no reason, people would generally be a lot happier.

Doing something nice for someone doesn’t mean you have to give them physical presents. The ‘gifts’ could be anything you feel like doing: helping out with an errand for your family, preparing a scrumptious meal for someone or even just surprising your friends with their favourite candy bars. These simple acts can make a significant positive impact on someone’s day.

Besides your loved ones, you could also try surprising other people such as security guards (e.g. giving your condo security guards some of your birthday cake), cleaners (e.g. giving your maid or the friendly mall cleaner a “Thank You” card) or even random strangers (e.g. helping someone pay their parking ticket when they have no cash / change at the machine). A simple act of kindness can go a long way!

#3. Check out a live performance once a month

Ways To Make Your Life More Exciting-Check Out Live Performance

Going to the cinema can be overrated and not as fun when it has become a weekly ritual. Instead, why don’t you check out live performances such as musicals and comedy shows at your local performing arts theatre?

You can check out places such as DPAC, KLPAC, PJ Live Arts, PenangPAC, Hin Bus Depot and many more for their live shows and performances. While the tickets prices may not be as cheap as movie tickets, the change of scene and unique experience is definitely worth it.

#4. Visit art and cultural museums

Ways To Make Your Life More Exciting-Visit Art And Cultural Museums

How often have you given up on looking for a cool spot to chill with your friends and ended up in a mall instead? Most of us are probably guilty of doing just that as it’s often the easiest option, especially since Malaysia has so many malls to choose from.

Instead of visiting an overcrowded mall (especially during the weekends), try something new like visiting art or cultural museums such as the Royal Museum or National Art Gallery.


To make life easier, do your research ahead of time and then create a list of interesting places you’d like to visit and mark them on your calendar.

#5. Dress like a celebrity every day

Ways To Make Your Life More Exciting-Dress Like Celebrity

Do you have that one particular “nice outfit” which you keep away in the cupboard because you’re saving it for a “special occasion” and you don’t want to “waste” it — yet it has been more than a year since any momentous event has occurred?

It’s time to whip that outfit out of the closet and wear it the next time you go out! If you want an exciting life, you don’t need a reason to dress nicely — you can do it whenever you want. So stop putting nice outfits on hold and start looking your best every day by putting on that special pair of earrings or that fancy pair of shoes you have never worn.

Accessorise and level up your look by dressing in vibrant colours or in the latest trends. Not only will this get you excited to start your day, but it’ll also help boost your confidence!

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#6. Greet the strangers you meet

Ways To Make Your Life More Exciting-Greet Strangers

Life can get pretty mundane if we merely interact with the same people all the time. Meeting new people is important as they can help us see the world from a different perspective and teach us new things.

No, we’re not suggesting that you exchange your phone number and social media at once, but simply greet and perhaps strike a simple conversation with the person beside you on the train or bus. Who knows, you could even make a new friend!

#7. Redecorate your living space

Ways To Make Your Life More Exciting-Redecorate Your Living Space

Being in the same room all the time can make you feel uninspired and bored. Luckily, you don’t have to move into a new room or a new place in order to feel refreshed — all you need to do is a little redecorating! The art of decorating the space where you spend most of your time is necessary as this creates a place where you feel excited to be in and can help lift your mood.

So, it’s time to transform your room or favourite space by doing a little spring cleaning, reorganising your furniture and adding in new decorations. If you need some ideas, here are 7 genius ways to revamp your study room.

#8. Plan a trip

Ways To Make Your Life More Exciting-Plan A Trip

Planning an adventurous trip or weekend getaway with your friends is a great way to break away from your daily routine. Even if you can't afford to go on a trip at this moment in time, simply researching, planning, and dreaming about your future trip can give you a surge of excitement and leave you with something to look forward to.

If your limited budget is getting in the way of your dream holiday — don’t worry, there are still plenty of ways to plan a memorable vacation on a budget. You could also visit interesting places in Malaysia where you can create lasting memories without using up too much of your savings.

Stop waiting for the better days to come and start living in the moment by making the most of every minute that you get. Life is too short to be bored!

Want to make life interesting by seeing it from a different perspective? Here are 6 exciting ways to start thinking outside the box.

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