How Travelling Abroad Will Change You for the Better

Do you hear your inner wanderlust calling out to you? Here’s why you should listen to it!

Updated 24 Feb 2017

How Travelling Abroad Will Change You for the Better - Feature-Image

Travelling is too expensive and the grim situation of the ringgit doesn’t exactly help the situation. It's better to stay home so I won’t have to spend any money.

Does that line of thought sound familiar? Even if that’s not what you’re thinking, there’s a chance your parents might not be the biggest fans of you travelling abroad. For practical reasons, they might encourage you to pursue more “realistic” goals, like getting a part-time job or enrolling for college.

While there’s nothing remotely wrong with getting a job or pursuing your education, they can’t compare with the magic and experience of travelling. Here’s how it can change you as a person!

#1. It opens up your mind

How Travelling Abroad Will Change You for the Better - 1 Opens Up Your Mind

We're all guilty of stereotyping from time to time, but it doesn’t always help a situation. On the contrary, it tends to regress us as a whole instead.

By exposing yourself to somewhere foreign, the surrounding stimulus will open up your mind to new experiences and you’ll see things from a different perspective. You’ll also come to be more respectful and understanding towards different values of people around the world, which is crucial in this age of globalisation.

#2. Explore cultural differences

How Travelling Abroad Will Change You for the Better - 2 Explore Cultural Differences

With all the global troubles, it’s fundamental now more than ever for the younger generation to understand the problems faced by people worldwide – be it social, cultural or political.

History, tradition, food. For every place that you go, there are always interesting things to learn. Through interaction with other cultures and people, you’ll develop a greater sense of understanding and respect of people from all walks of life. You might even pick up a new language and gain new friendships from people that hail from different backgrounds and culture.

#3. Discover more about yourself

How Travelling Abroad Will Change You for the Better - 3 Discover More About Yourself

Travelling isn’t only about exploring the world around you, it’s also very much about self-discovery. If you seem to have lost your bearings, taking the time to travel is great to get a better reflection on what you want to do in your life.

Through travel, you’ll be distancing yourself from all the banalities and troubles in your life. The tranquil atmosphere and worry-free environment will give you a clearer picture of your path and do you a world of good.

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#4. Get out of your comfort zone

When you’re travelling to a foreign land (especially one that doesn’t share the same language or culture as you), you’re bound to encounter all sorts of roadblocks. For example, you may find it challenging to order food or access public transportation when everything is written in a foreign language. It could also be difficult to sustain a three-course meal due to budget constraints.

However, it’s in these kinds of situations where you’re forced to step out of your comfort zone. You will, in turn, grow to be more independent and develop better problem-solving and networking skills.

#5. Gain life lessons and ideas

How Travelling Abroad Will Change You for the Better - 5 Gain Life Lessons

There’s an abundance of information and experience you can gain from travelling. Through your adventures, you may come to appreciate the efficiency of Germans, or the stellar culture and self-discipline practised by the Japanese.

Each trip is bound to provide you newfound knowledge and ideas to inspire you. There are heaps of positive elements you can carry home which will improve your life for the better.

#6. Gain invaluable experience

How Travelling Abroad Will Change You for the Better - 6 Experience

Travelling is the best form of education you could possibly have. Instead of learning through computer screens or books, you gain the full experience of visualising and exploring in person.

When you travel, you’re experiencing something distinctively different from your ordinary life.

While stepping out of your comfort zone may seem daunting, exploring other countries and cultures will be one of the best decisions you can make in your life. Employers are also looking for applicants who stand out from a crowd, people who both think and act differently. This all stems from having various life experiences, such as travelling.

Don’t be afraid to taking a leap of faith once in a while. Go outdoors and explore. An adventure awaits you.

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