Don't Waste Time! 6 Things You Can Do While Waiting for Your SPM Results

Are you feeling lost or clueless while you wait anxiously for your SPM results? Here are some productive things you can do while you wait!

Updated 08 Apr 2021

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So you’re probably anxiously waiting for SPM results day. If you’re wondering how to best spend your free time while waiting so you don’t go crazy from anticipation, why not do something productive?

Check out some of our suggestions below!

#1. Read up about the courses you’re interested in

Things To Do While Waiting for SPM Results-Read up about the courses

You’re going to thank yourself for this. Although you may not know where you’ll be studying yet, there’s no harm in finding out more about the subjects you’ll potentially be studying. Not only will you be able to know what to expect from the course, but this will also help you decide whether or not the chosen course is suitable for you.

You can start by browsing through EduAdvisor’s comprehensive course guides on pre-university and degree courses.

#2. Start researching colleges

Things To Do While Waiting for SPM Results-Start researching colleges 2

Although you haven’t received your SPM results yet, you should begin scouting for suitable institutions and courses available, as this takes time. Not sure how to begin the process? Follow these steps:

  1. List down the types of industries or fields that you may be interested in. For example, engineeringmedicine, business.
  2. Look online for colleges that provide pre-university courses that will suit your desired field of study. Compare the colleges with each other to see which one matches with your needs the most, e.g. affordable tuition fees, convenient location and scholarship opportunities.
  3. Shortlist the colleges that you think are suitable and feasible for you. Then make an appointment with an education advisor to help you make the final decision.

By researching early, you’ll be able to decide on which institution to enrol in as soon as you’ve received your results. This way, you won’t miss an intake and you might even get an early bird discount too!

#3. Get opinions from experienced family and friends

Things To Do While Waiting for SPM Results-Get opinions 2

It can be tough to gauge the quality of potential colleges based on what you see online — so always get advice from someone who knows more. Now’s a good time to catch up with your older cousins or friends to understand their experiences from colleges you’re serious about. It’s as easy as dropping them a message on WhatsApp or you could even ask them out for coffee!

Be sure to ask specific questions like:

  1. Which programme did you enrol in?
  2. What did you think about the course?
  3. What did you think about the learning experience in class?
  4. How are the lecturers like? Are they experienced and helpful?
  5. What facilities do they have?


Never base your entire decision solely on what one person says. Always take comments with a pinch of salt and try to ask more than one person about each programme to get an objective overview.

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#4. Get organised

Things To Do While Waiting for SPM Results-Get organised

De-cluttering your desk and room is always a great idea when you’re about to begin a new chapter in life, especially if you’re planning to enrol in college right after collecting your SPM results (how exciting!). So use your free time to clear your desk and get rid of unwanted SPM study material or old textbooks to make space for your new college learning materials.

Make sure you also allocate a folder for all your certificates and important documents that might be important for your college or scholarship applications. This way, you won’t have to scramble around looking for them when you’re ready to register.

#5. Check out nearby Open Days and Virtual Fairs


Want to start planning for university? How about checking out nearby open days and virtual fairs?

It's a great way for you to really explore your options. You can talk to counsellors, browse through programmes, find scholarships and tour the campuses. Some open days also feature workshops and talks to help you learn more about specific fields of study. If you're lucky, you can even score special discounts and waivers that will only be available at the event.

Going to open days and virtual fairs is a great way for you to experience firsthand what each institution has to offer and decide for yourself if it's something you want.

Wondering when the next event is happening? Visit our website for details on university Open Days and our upcoming Virtual Fairs

#6. Chat with EduAdvisor's counsellors

Things To Do While Waiting for SPM Results-Chat with EduAdvisors counsellors

If you’re still undecided about which course you want to study, that’s perfectly normal as figuring out your future is no easy feat. Remain calm and don’t lose hope. With guidance from our friendly education advisors, you’ll easily discover the right path that aligns with your needs and education goals.

Simply leave your details here and our advisors will be in touch in no time!

It can be nerve-wracking while you wait for your SPM results but planning ahead is worthwhile as you will know exactly what needs to be done once you’ve collected your results. Good luck!

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