The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Study Space for You

Can’t decide if you should study at a library or in your room? Check out these pros and cons of different study areas here!

Updated 26 Aug 2019

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Study Space for You - Feature-Image

From hipster cafes to cool libraries, there are so many options when it comes to choosing a place where you can hunker down and study for your exams. But, how do you decide on the perfect place for you without stressing your brain out (before you’ve even studied)?

Well, one of the best ways to make a decision you’re on the fence about is to make a pros and cons list. Then, consider your study style, and pick the place that caters most to your needs and preferences. To get started, check out this pros and cons list for popular study spots!

#1. Your room

Perfect Study Space-Room


Studying in your room means you can easily reach for your books, notes, laptop and other study materials, without worrying if you’ve forgotten to pack something.

  • Avoid the hassle of packing

Let’s face it, your room will always be the most comfortable place for you. You’ll have all the privacy you need and you can even study in your pyjamas and snack all you want!

  • Comfortable environment

Getting ready to go outside? That might already take you more than 10 minutes, not to mention the time it takes for you to travel from your house to a different study place.

  • Saves time


Since you’re so comfortable in your personal space, you’ll tend to procrastinate way more than you would in a public area. Unfortunately, your 20-minute study of your notes could transform into a 2-hour Netflix session.

  • Procrastination becomes a temptation

If you share a room with a roommate or sibling, it can be hard to focus if they turn on loud music or want to constantly chat with you.

  • Distractions

You may be lacking a lot of resources like books which you have to get from the library. Even though you might have your own internet access to Google it all up, it’s not guaranteed that the material you need is there, for free.

  • Limited resources

#2. Library

Perfect Study Space-Library


Most libraries provide study cubicles or rooms for study groups. These peaceful rooms will allow you to focus on your notes and study more effectively with fewer distractions.

  • Study cubicles and rooms

It’s a library, what do you expect? You need an obscure journal article you can’t find online? The library has it. Need more books on law? The library has it all!

  • The home of resources!

Need access to the internet but you have a limited data plan? Don’t worry! From college libraries to public libraries, they've got you covered with free Wi-Fi so you can easily access the internet.

  • Access to Wi-Fi


Since the library is accessible to the public, anyone can come and go. This means you can’t avoid crowds of people which could disrupt your focus.

  • No avoiding crowds

Whether it’s strict rules or flexible ones — rules are rules! Most of the time, you can’t bring outside food or drinks into the library and no talking above the sound of a spinning fan is allowed.

  • Rules and restrictions

If the library you’re studying in has hard wooden chairs or if it’s either too cold or too stuffy, chances are you won’t feel like studying there for long.

  • Uncontrolled environment

#3. At a park

Perfect Study Space-Park


You can admire nature and breathe fresh air as you lay sprawled on your picnic blanket while studying your maths and science notes.

  • Fresh air

If you’re feeling like your brain is starting to burn out from too much studying, all you need to do is take a deep breath and look up at the sky or at the scenery around you.

  • Relaxes your mind


Unfortunately, one of the downfalls of being outdoors is that you’re susceptible to bites from mosquitoes or other insects.

  • Bugs and insects

If it starts to rain, you’ll have to scramble to pack and make a quick run for it before you (and your books) get completely drenched.

  • Weather

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#4. Cafes

Perfect Study Space-Cafe


If you decide to study at Starbucks, you’ll get to enjoy a yummy Caramel Frappuccino or Green Tea Latte and a slice of cheesecake while you dive into your textbooks.

  • Coffee and cakes!

If you don’t enjoy the quietness of a library, then a cafe or a coffee shop is suitable for you as it’s not too loud and not too quiet. If you’re lucky enough, the light jazzy music played in the background will get you in the mood to power through your study session.

  • The ambience


Since you can’t just study at a cafe without ordering anything, your wallet will feel the pinch when you purchase the overpriced drink just so you can keep studying there.

  • Your wallet suffers

The lack of table space in cafes can be a problem for you if you want to lay out all your study materials so you can easily refer to them.


If cafes are still your go-to study area despite the cons, check out these amazing study-friendly cafes located in the Klang Valley!

  • Limited space

#5. At school / college

Perfect Study Space-College


If you can’t seem to understand a concept while studying (no matter how hard you try), you might just bump into your teacher or lecturer who can help.

  • Access to teachers / lecturers

Once classes are over, you can easily coordinate engaging study groups with your friends who are in the same classes.

  • Group study sessions


Campus or school grounds can get noisy — especially when most students just want to blow off steam and have fun after class.

  • Noisy

If you’re someone who needs to switch things up to get you pumped to study, then studying on campus or at school right after classes might not be the best thing for you.

  • No change of scene

Since different environments affect people differently, pick a place that works for you. It should be somewhere you know you’ll be able to really focus and get a lot of studying done. We hope these pros and cons will help point you in the right direction. Good luck!

Now that you know which study area fits you best, check out these study habits of a successful student.

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