The Highest Fresh Graduate Salaries in Malaysia in 2018

Curious to know which are the highest paying entry level jobs in Malaysia in 2018? Find out in this infographic.

Updated 16 May 2019

The Highest Fresh Graduate Salaries in Malaysia in 2018 - Feature-Image

Whether you’re graduating soon and gearing up to enter the workforce or simply plotting out your career pathway, you’ll probably agree that one of the most exciting prospects of stepping into the workforce is earning your very first paycheque.

But before you let your mind wander off about your ideal future salary, it’s worth remembering that negotiating your pay is tricky business. In fact, the rising epidemic of fresh graduates expecting exorbitant starting salaries have cost many fresh graduates a job, as employers cite unreasonable salary requests as the top reason they don’t get hired.

So what's a realistic starting salary? Typically, as a fresh graduate, you can expect a starting salary of between RM1,900 and RM2,900.

In this infographic, we’ve mapped out the typical salaries for entry level to senior manager staff in their respective fields based on JobStreet’s 2018 Salary Report, so you’ll have a reasonable expectation of what your first paycheque might look like!

Fresh graduate salary malaysia 2018 - Infographic-01Fresh graduate salary malaysia 2018 - Infographic-02a

(Illustration by Yazmyn Khairuddin)

Disclaimer: All salary data was aggregated from JobStreet’s 2018 Salary Report. Job demand analysis was obtained from JobStreet Malaysia and Critical Occupations List from TalentCorp. Note that actual salaries may vary depending on various factors, including market demand and supply, your skill and academic grades, location as well as industry. For further salary breakdown by state and industry, please check out JobStreet’s 2018 Salary Report.

But hold your horses! There are plenty of other factors you should take into account before deciding on your career. Consider your areas of interest, the type of work environment you’re suited for and where your strengths lie. Money might make the world go round, but it pays in more important ways if you genuinely love what you do.

It’s never too early to start gearing up to enter the workforce. Here are 5 ways to boost your employability while you’re still in university.

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