5 Terrible Things You Do to Your Siblings

Do you have siblings who you always fight with at home? We bet you’ve done at least one of these terrible things to them!

Updated 05 Jul 2019

5 Terrible Things You Do to Your Siblings - Feature-Image

Admit it, your siblings can be horrible at times. They can turn from friend to foe real quick, making you want to scream in frustration. So, when it comes to giving them a taste of their own medicine, you have no regrets.

Check out these terrible shenanigans you may have pulled on your siblings throughout your childhood, or even recently!

#1. Hiding the TV remote control

Things You Do To Your Siblings-Hide the remote control

Remember when you used to fight with your little sister for the remote control? But in the end, you always gave in to avoid damaging your ears from the sound of her endless wailing. That was until you came up with a genius plan — hiding the TV remote.

You’ve had enough of her tantrums and couldn’t bear to watch another Disney show, so you decide to hide the TV remote from your sister and say that mum and dad kept it away from the both of you. Cheeky!

#2. Eat their food in the fridge

Things You Do To Your Siblings-Eat their food

If you’ve never had your food eaten by your siblings, then it’s definitely you who does the eating all the time.

We get it. It’s hard to resist the temptation when you open the fridge late at night and see a pint-sized tub of cookie dough-flavoured Häagen-Dazs ice cream calling your name. Or, a cold can of Pepsi that would immediately quench your thirst.

Naturally, you take a sip (more like drink half the can) and you sneakily savour a spoonful of ice cream, which leads you to eat the whole tub. The next day, you hear your sibling shouting angrily, “Who ate my food?!”

#3. Secretly feel happy when they get in trouble

Things You Do To Your Siblings-Happy when they in trouble

We’ve all experienced this before: getting into a fight with your older brother or sister with no hopes of winning because they’re older and far more superior.

So, when your parents scold them for what happened and they get all the blame because they’re the eldest, you can’t help but feel a little satisfaction and a jolt of happiness. You know you shouldn’t feel that way because you’re equally guilty for the fight, but that doesn’t stop you from smiling on the inside.

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#4. Use their stuff without permission

Things You Do To Your Siblings-Borrow without permission

Are you guilty of using your sibling’s stuff without permission? You may have told your brother or sister that you only borrowed it, but the response you get is usually, “I never lent it to you in the first place!”

Even though it was an emergency and you needed to wear your sister’s heels or your brother’s favourite T-shirt so you could look good at the party you attended — you’re still in big trouble. What’s more, things can get pretty rough for you if you return the “borrowed” clothes with stains or a broken strap, leading to the eruption of a full-blown sibling fight!

#5. Sneakily snitch on them

Things You Do To Your Siblings-Sneakily snitch on them

We all hate snitches — until we become the ultimate tattletale. Somehow, tattling on your sibling when you’re dramatically annoyed with them over a huge feud doesn’t seem so wrong.

So, when you overhear your sister talking to her boyfriend on the phone at night, you decide to plot your revenge. Knowing that your parents have forbidden you and your sisters from dating before the age of 18 years old (Asian families can relate), you secretly tell your mum that your sister has been on the phone with her boyfriend every night. Now, that's brutal!

Although your siblings can be extremely annoying (especially if they’re the ones doing these terrible things to you), you’ll do anything to protect them from serious harm. Despite all the quarrels, you’ve also shared many treasured memories together and can’t imagine a world without them.

While it’s fun to get on the wrong side of your siblings, remember that you should never get on the bad side of your lecturers!

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