How to Tame Your Nerves Before SPM Results Day

Ahead of the big day itself, here’s our meticulously crafted guide on pounding SPM results day butterflies! Read on to find out how to reduce pre-result nerves by putting your result in perspective.

Updated 07 Sep 2018

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Take a deep breath. The aching, dreaded, ultra-long haul *insert your own interpretation here* post-exam wait is touching down to a grand finale (sorry to burst your bubble but upcoming sequels are to be expected).

After years of slavery and forced labour donkey work and effort, some flashes of gut wrenching trepidation are inescapable. The moments steering up to obtaining your final SPM results will be nerve wrecking to say the least.

And yes, it doesn’t help that these perturbing grades are creeping into a few blue slips of paper that will very much dictate how you’ll spend your immediate future.

As such, ahead of the day itself – in preparation for the eve of this spine-tingling SPM results day -  we drop our fair share of last minute warnings words of encouragement to offer you (and your parents) a quick relief that will hopefully soothe your nerves.

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#1. Butter up your state of mind

Repeat this mantra after us: Que Sera, Sera (whatever will be, will be) and strut down the school with your chin held up high. Here’s something your parents will never reveal to you (SPOILER ALERT to some parents: You may not want to read this!).

Grades aren’t the most important thing in the world (really). Yes, it’s not the alpha and omega of life. In reality, your good grades could be a reflection of you being a good test taker, not imperatively a good student or an engaged learner.

Let us be clear, we are not proposing that you should down shots all night or party until the first blush of dawn. Nor are we advocating you to hop on the next plane to Miami or heck, Los Angeles because #YOLO (you-ought-to-look-out).

So grades be gone? Of course not. They matter, for sure! But they’re just part of the puzzle. More than anything, strip off that 40-pound backpack of books and learn how to learn (#inceptionmuch). Relish in the educational process, open up to others’ ideas, harness the power of curiosity and grit, foster persistence and an inquisitive nature but above all, love learning!

For the better or worse, there’s no basis to cry over spilled milk. Plus, by the time you hit college, we assure you that no one will harass ask about your grades anymore.


#2. Arm yourself emotionally

Given that worry is inevitable, give it a go at developing some habits to tackle your nerves as result day approaches. For starters, ration the worrying (yes, the very same concept of you keeping in tab with your calories intake).

Be disciplined and warrant yourself a fixed amount of worrying time a day. It may sound offbeat but defining worrying time does go a long way in helping you to contain it. Also, try channelling that worry into more practical outcomes: what will I do if X happens.

Mould this into a habit and you’ll shell out a sense of purpose to what is otherwise a fruitless anxiety.

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#3. Arm yourself physically

Now that you’ve geared yourself up in the right frame of mind, we’ll move on with the basics – taking care of yourself 101. The eve of D-Day will (without a doubt) flow at a snail’s pace (possibly the longest day of your 17 years of existence too).

The magic formula here is to cling on a productive schedule.  But don’t sweat it, we’ve delicately drafted out the day for you.


For those who crave for a side of adventure with their morning start, head over to one of KL’s vibrant and bustling markets, Imbi Market for an authentic dining experience and unsurpassed people watching (to kill more time ya know). Go all out with our incredible variety of local cuisines in just a visit: kopitiam, crispy popiah, laksa, congee, wanton or nasi lemak because #youcan.


After breakfast, drop in to the produce section and gather fresh fruits for your parent’s evening snack (thank us later). Since it’s a Wednesday (a.k.a movie day), get more bang for your buck and hop over to the cinema for a movie. If you’re not a movie buff, light some candles and run yourself a hot bath, or shop for that favourite jeans that you’ve been eyeing for – the point is to pamper yourself.

Not a member of the #foreveralone clan? Ring up your squad and splurge on some good food in a restaurant with linen and silverware for a proper pig-out! Swathed by your mob of friends, you will be less likely to ruminate over the big day tomorrow.


Exercise! Be it running or taking a brisk walk, you’ll need to drag yourself for a decent workout (at least 45 minutes) to shake off the excess adrenaline from your nerves and worry. This is a defining move on your overall performance tomorrow, so try your utmost best to not turn a blind eye to this calling.


With all that said, continue to loosen up; down a glass of warm milk (avoid caffeine), kiss greet your parents a very good night (in the grand scheme of things, sucking up to your parents really isn’t a bad move at all) and hit the sack early. Get up early the next day, gobble down a hearty breakfast and you’re good to go!

Do us a favour, will you? Whatever your result is – whether you met your grades, narrowly missed your grades or done better than expected - please remember that your grades are merely one gauge of success. Even more so, don’t let your SPM result define your life (because trust us, it doesn’t).

Now go out and own it!

Scratching your head on how to brace through a kiasu crowd or dodge the endless stream of grades-comparing-sessions? Worry no more because it IS possible for you to check your SPM results at the comfort of your fingertips. Here’s How You Can Check Your SPM Results.

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